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Surviving an nuclear blast


I write a lot about “Survival” and the things that you must do to stay alive.  I know that there has been numerous books written about survival after an atomic bomb or a dirty bomb.  But Nuclear war is something very different.

This “Bert the turtle” and all its educational movies, is a bunch of whooie. It’s only meant to maintain the public with the warm feeling of safety. We know better nowadays. An average nuclear blast looks like this:

  • A flash so bright, it will completely scald your retina.
  • After a short while, the first shockwave will arrive, blasting everything away. The temperatures of this will exceed 1000 degrees Celsius.
  • If you are not blasted to pieces, or burnt to charcoal, the next, and bigger shockwave will then hit you.
  • If you really survived that, the air starts to run in the other direction, going back toward the center, pulling your lungs into a heavy vacuum. The vacuum would make any fluid at 37 degrees Celsius (normal body temp.) instantly boil as if it were in outer space.

Would you, for some miracle survive all this.. and maybe even your skin didn’t completely vaporize, then go ahead and grovel and thank God since you truly survived only because of God’s helping hand! …for about  a week that is, until the radio-active cloud of deadly fallout gets to you. Things to do if you want a quick and relatively painless experience at a nuclear blast:

  • Keep standing, the first shockwave will divorce you from your lower half.
  • Lay down behind a wall, pieces of brick will fly away along with pieces of you at supersonic speeds.
  • Sit in a car. If you are not already fried by an up flaring fuel tank. The windscreen might want to fly away with your internal organs.

The moral of the story… if you really want to survive this, start praying real hard.

I listened to the Netanyahu speech to Congress and he was totally right.  The people in the White House are doing great damage to the security of this country.  The American media is totally in the camp of the liberals.  They are nothing more than cheer-leaders for Obama.  The stuff they report on is a bait and switch.  They keep everyone focused on ISIS.  Yes, ISIS is a bad bunch of guys.  But they only have a sharp knife and a You-Tube channel.  The Iranians, on the other hand,  have the makings of a nuclear weapon. The minute they have a working nuke, they will use it.  They will immediately destroy Israel. A few minutes later, they will incinerate several major cities in this country.

And that, my friend,  is a very serious thing.


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