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We are Doomed


Because of my location, (Portland, OR)  my son sent me these two links about School’s Punishments for kids Upsets Parents.  Apparently when a kid does something bad, like throwing food in the cafeteria, the school board has decided to punish the kid by making him clean up the mess.  A bunch of the families went to the school board with their lawyers to complain.  Now the very act of punishment of kids is on hold.  I told my son that we, as an American culture and as a country are doomed.  What’s next?  We might as well follow this logical path to the end.  Lets just stop punishing criminals.  I mean, after all it’s humiliating to put criminals and murderers  in prison.  That’s their chosen career path, after all.  Why don’t we just let them continue to murder,  if that’s what they like to do?  No one should have to answer to their actions any more.  Teaching personal responsibility is something  that taught very young,  like in the first grade.   These delinquent kids eventually grow up and become adults.  Then will we continue to coddle them and let them off?  Duh,  I say we will,  just like we do with our current penal system.

Did you know that in today’s criminal justice system, no matter what your crime,  you are guaranteed to be up for parole within seven years or one third of your sentence, whichever comes first?

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