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Pulling out the stops


George Bush Sr. said as he was preparing for Desert Storm, We can build schools and roads and all sorts of stuff for the Arabs,  but no matter what we do, they will never respect us… but with a little effort, they will fear us.

The liberals are all about being extra cautious with the radical Islamists.  At work, they can demand all sorts of special considerations from a special diet to all female staff, including physicians, nurses and techs.  As for the rest of the world, There are restrictions to what anyone can say or do in the media and in public that might offend them.  They want to build a mosque very near 9/11 ground zero where crazed Islamist terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center.  We, as freedom loving Americans are required to cater to their every need.  On the other hand, Christians in their home countries are getting killed by horrible means.  They are crucified, beheaded, and stoned.  I feel that it’s past time to take those very sensitivities and use them against our enemy. The other day I was listening to War Pigs by Black Sabbath and I got an idea.  I did some research and found several ideas.

I’ve found several websites that apparently think just like I do.  There is a company that makes Pork Covered Ammunition  so Muslims shot can’t possibly get to heaven. There’s another  Company Sells Gun Oil that is laced with pig fat for the same reason.  There’s a company that sprays pig blood or a product from the plasma all over someone that is about to be a suicide bomber. If they can’t get to heaven, then the inventive is removed to jihad.

The liberals can’t even conceive this because it’s quite possibly insensitive to their feelings.  But, here’s a story from World of Mysteries about real “War Pigs” and how they were used back in the day.  I think this is absolutely great.

Can you see the possibilities and the low costs associated with the front lines of the battle against radical Islam?



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