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Parking in Portland


Since I’ve moved into town, there has been some distinct advantages and some disadvantages to this. My job requires me to wait in line until the parking police open their booth and then pay (cash only), to the guy who is equally happy as a DMV worker, to take my money and give me a parking pass.  It’s $13 bucks a day to park.  There is however, a preferred “gold card” club that you can gain membership to.  This allows you to bypass the booth.  You don’t have to face down the parking police guy each day.   You don’t have to wait for it to even open.  They have your name in the database and automatically take your money via payroll deduction.  Unfortunately, there is a pretty long waiting list to get this special treatment.  I’ve been on this wait list for nine years.  I’ve since given up.  I haven’t even checked my place in line for the last two years.  Well, last week my name came up. I am now a proud member of the parking club.  After 9 years of being on the wait list with the commoners, I’m now “special.”  The downside is that there are a wide variety of parking places and value of these parking places.  In the beginning,  realizing the futility, I made application to all of the parking lots possible.  My name came up on  the wait list to the least valuable of all parking places.  It was the  “three diamond waterfront lot.” In the nine years, I’ve changed job sites,  and job departments  four times.  I couldn’t know which lot would be the best.  They say that they are planning to build a new outpatient surgery center in a few years at the waterfront.  Who knows, by then, I’ll have a premium parking spot.  In the meantime, while the new site is being built.  I still work at my current job.  And this current place is a long ways from the lot.  I have to walk about a half mile from my surgery center to the main hospital.  I then walk to the Portland Aerial Tram and take a tram ride to the waterfront.  From there, I take a short,  half mile walk,  to my parking space.  It’s not all that cool to live in town. Much to my dismay, parking is a premium.


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