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The Gay Militia


I was waiting for all of this Indiana Religious Freedom legislation crap to blow over, obviously it’s not going away.

The gay rights crowd has managed to become the PC group of choice and with every CEO who steps down they grow that much stronger. At some point common sense needs to be applied to this argument.

  1. Any gay person or couple can go to another business that would be happy to do work with them.
  2. All Americans have rights, it goes both ways.
  3. If a Muslim went into a gay florist and demanded they be waited on by a straight person because Islam does not believe in homosexuality, who’s rights have been violated?

Gays can go anywhere, anytime and can find gay friendly businesses. This is not about rights being violated, this is about the gay community making demands on people who don’t believe the way that they do. Instead of understanding the other side, they demand the other side agree with them or be run out of business. It’s their way or the highway, which is the way of the liberal left, and since they have the power of the entire media and the Democrats at their whim, they have gone militant.

Until we throw political correctness out the window and stand up for conservative principles, this idiocy will continue to flourish. The easy answer is this, if you want to be gay, be gay, just stop the demands. If it weren’t for the gay militancy, Indiana would not have to make a law in the first place.

How about we force a Muslim cleric to perform a wedding ceremony of a same sex Jewish couple?   I didn’t think so.  The liberals, the gays, and the American major media,  all seem to be hyper focusing on this idiocy in Indiana.  While at the same time, our President is working to assist his friends in Iran gain assets, reduce sanctions, and help become an additional member of the atomic weapons fraternity.  Keep in mind that these are the same people who execute any and everyone that is gay, lesbian, or transgender in that country.  No one in the activist community even raises an eyebrow over this.  Our President, Secretary of State, the media, and the Democrats are all singing their praises for Iran.

The irony is amazing.


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