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Friday Night Movie Night


After a busy day in neurosurgery, the wife and I got off from work and we settled in for a movie.  After a brief look through Netflix, we found “Alive,” a 1993 movie about a Rugby team stranded in the snow in the Andes mountains.  I give it a B plus.

It’s one of those movies that I’ve never seen but always wanted to. It was pretty good. A lot of emotion and hand-wringing, but not so good on action.  It’s a story of a bunch of poor souls who got stranded in the wild of a third world landscape and are forced into cannibalism.  I guess it was very shocking back in 93. I guess, in that time, I’ve been desensitized to that sort of thing.  The movie tells the story about the journey from potential starvation and a horrible death to cannibalism.  As my wife said “they had to eat their friends?…”  I thought, maybe that’s not so bad.   Or maybe it is awful, but I can easily do the math.   I really like meat.  Pork,  Deer, Beef, Chicken, Buffalo, Opossum… if it’s made of meat, I’m probably gonna like it.  That plus, “I  really like the idea of staying alive” all equals in a similar situation… “I’ve got dibbs on the ribs!”   My wife was a little disturbed with my confession, but she seemed to agree with me in the end.  A nice batch of roast pork ribs is better than death.  This movie was a little thought provoking.

So I decided to make a commitment just in-case.    If I’m ever on an airplane and it crashes in a far away place in a third world environment… I’m packing a little travel bottle of “Heinz 57” sauce.


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