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California won’t even allow kids to have Easter


Happy  Easter!  This is the greatest day of the Christian Faith.  Easter is even greater in significance than Christmas.  Without Easter,  the resurrection, and the proof that Jesus was the Savior,  He would be just another guy in the Middle East… like Mohammed.

I hate California.   I hate all that they do.  My wife tells me, “Now you know John,  I’m sure that there are plenty of conservatives in that state too.”  I don’t care.  It’s the nut-job  liberals that are in government and make the laws.  I don’t consider California even part of my nation.   Even though I live in Oregon,  when I go to Disney, I fly all the way to Florida because of these evil ass-hats in charge of that state.

I really wonder if Californians expect us to commiserate with them over their self-inflicted woes. When they run out of money they expect the rest of the Country to bail them out. They’ve run out of water… that they will allow their citizens to have access to. I don’t know what they expect any of us to do about that.

I just have a hard time conjuring up any concern for people who can’t stand back and let their kids enjoy a big Easter Egg Hunt.    H/T to MadBrad at The Revo

There is only one way healing will come to their State. I wonder if they are smart enough to grasp it. I would say no, in light of how their Easter Egg Hunt turned out.

I may eventually have to move. My own state of Oregon is now tumbling down the same path as California. It may not be too long before Oregon is also bankrupt. The libs can’t understand that driving businesses away and handicapping the citizens by continuously raising taxes can’t be good… even if it feels good by “saving the planet.” I heard tonight that Oregon is working on a new “clean air” bill to go along with California. California has a law that further burdens the trucking industry with “clean air” standards. Now Oregon is trying to pass the same law to prevent all those “dirty trucks” from coming across state lines.


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