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Animal Rights and Liberal Corruption


When I was a teenager, my family took a vacation to Mexico.  We became hopelessly lost in a troubled part of Mexico City and we couldn’t even read the road signs. We drove until we found a police officer.  I remember my dad paying cash to the officer so he would leave his patrol and help guide us safely back to our hotel.  I had always had the utmost respect for officers of the law.  But I’ve never seen an officer take cash for anything.  My dad explained it simply as, “this is just how it things work in a third world country.”

I live in Beaverton, Oregon and my bank is located near a pond where Canadian geese and mallard ducks like to hang out.  I went to do some business at the bank.  Upon arrival, there were several geese laying in the warm sun on the sidewalk. As I was walking along in my own little world, thinking about the things I needed to do today,   a lady with a loud obnoxious voice shocked me back into reality. “Hey, watch out for the geese!  You know they are protected.  You can’t go within 20 feet of them… walk around!”  So I gave a wide birth and walked on the grass.

Just the other day, I read a story about a “duck murdered” in Portland by a Hit-and-run bike rider .  Apparently a duck was crossing the road and was hit by a bicycle and killed.  Everyone is all in an uproar.  The whole Bike Community Rallies to Catch Alleged Bethany Lake Duck Killer.  The man-hunt was on!  To the horror of my liberal friends, I found this a little humorous.  But I’m “an insensitive conservative.” I mean really, it seems to me that we have more than plenty of ducks and geese to go around.  I don’t shoot or eat foul, but I could start anytime.

Still related on the same story, yesterday I was working with a doctor who was telling me about a new golf club that he was thinking about joining.  He said that he was taking a tour and as they walked over past the third hole, two bird dogs came running full blast.  As they came up to the green, they split and took off in different directions.  He looked at the gentleman giving the tour, and the guide smiled and said, “I know you’re wondering what that was about… well I’ll tell you.  It seems that Canadian geese just love our greens and our water traps.  They loiter here all day… if we let them.  Because they are sensitive wildlife, we humans can’t harass them.  On the other hand, their poop stinks and they ruin the aesthetics of the club.  So we have several well trained dogs to keep the geese away.  It’s perfectly OK for animals to shoo off other animals.”   The doctor responded, “do the dogs ever kill any of the geese?”  The tour guide reluctantly said, “well, sometimes the dogs do get a little enthusiastic about their job.  But it’s all really for the good of the club.  We simply can’t have those dirty geese littering up the place.”

I know that these stories all sound a little disjointed, but in total, I’m trying to explain how, through a breakdown of the Justice system,  America is slowly being fundamentally transformed into a third world government.  When I was younger, the law was the law.  I actually took Constitutional law in college and if you broke the law, no matter what the reason, you were a “law breaker” and considered guilty.   Things have changed.

Recent polls show that a vast majority of the population distrusts the government.  With the police shooting in Ferguson, Hillary’s hidden records (and then lying about it), President Obama’s lying about  Fast and Furious to name a few.  I get fined when my taxes are just a few hundred bucks off what is expected and I am required to pay quarterly, while the Reverend Al Sharpton still owes $4.5 million bucks (from last year). Richard Nixon tells one lie and gets impeached while Obama lies, and several thousand people are killed in the process.  Today it’s acceptable to lie, cheat and steal.  We are sliding bad and as a result, practically no one trusts the government today.  Everyone expects the police to be crooked along with the politicians. In my heart, I know that the majority of police officers are just like nurses… they are good honest people who just want to get to the end of their shift with the least amount of drama.    However, I fear that it won’t be long (one generation at the outside) before the police will be crooked and taking cash for services… just like Mexico.  The latest poll states that most collage age people Think Politicians Lie and are dishonest.  It’s only a matter of time before the up and coming go into a particular field of study, not because it’s an honorable profession but because they feel they have a better opportunity to get away with criminal activities… like in Mexico.

This country will continue to move toward third world status as long as we continue to foster an atmosphere for corruption.  When OJ Simpson was acquitted of killing those people, I said, “the system is broken and we get just as much justice as we can afford.”  Now it is not only true as ever, but it has gone a lot farther.  Now, unethical people will buy off their city council, their mayor, the governor, and even Congress to get their way, much the same way the golf course has paid for a special loophole for ridding their club of Canadian geese.   Although I am not fond of water foul, this is wrong and furthers advances the environment of corruption in this country.

Unfortunately,  it is not a problem that can be solved by simply throwing out the bad politicians.  It goes much deeper.  We have a serious breakdown of morality in this country.  Simply “doing the right thing” is becoming a very difficult decision in today’s society.  Simply getting your way when it comes to breaking the law, is still breaking the law.

I don’t know the answer but I see trends that are frightening and I fear for my children.

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