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California won’t even allow kids to have Easter


Happy  Easter!  This is the greatest day of the Christian Faith.  Easter is even greater in significance than Christmas.  Without Easter,  the resurrection, and the proof that Jesus was the Savior,  He would be just another guy in the Middle East… like Mohammed.

I hate California.   I hate all that they do.  My wife tells me, “Now you know John,  I’m sure that there are plenty of conservatives in that state too.”  I don’t care.  It’s the nut-job  liberals that are in government and make the laws.  I don’t consider California even part of my nation.   Even though I live in Oregon,  when I go to Disney, I fly all the way to Florida because of these evil ass-hats in charge of that state.

I really wonder if Californians expect us to commiserate with them over their self-inflicted woes. When they run out of money they expect the rest of the Country to bail them out. They’ve run out of water… that they will allow their citizens to have access to. I don’t know what they expect any of us to do about that.

I just have a hard time conjuring up any concern for people who can’t stand back and let their kids enjoy a big Easter Egg Hunt.    H/T to MadBrad at The Revo

There is only one way healing will come to their State. I wonder if they are smart enough to grasp it. I would say no, in light of how their Easter Egg Hunt turned out.

I may eventually have to move. My own state of Oregon is now tumbling down the same path as California. It may not be too long before Oregon is also bankrupt. The libs can’t understand that driving businesses away and handicapping the citizens by continuously raising taxes can’t be good… even if it feels good by “saving the planet.” I heard tonight that Oregon is working on a new “clean air” bill to go along with California. California has a law that further burdens the trucking industry with “clean air” standards. Now Oregon is trying to pass the same law to prevent all those “dirty trucks” from coming across state lines.

Friday Night Movie Night


After a busy day in neurosurgery, the wife and I got off from work and we settled in for a movie.  After a brief look through Netflix, we found “Alive,” a 1993 movie about a Rugby team stranded in the snow in the Andes mountains.  I give it a B plus.

It’s one of those movies that I’ve never seen but always wanted to. It was pretty good. A lot of emotion and hand-wringing, but not so good on action.  It’s a story of a bunch of poor souls who got stranded in the wild of a third world landscape and are forced into cannibalism.  I guess it was very shocking back in 93. I guess, in that time, I’ve been desensitized to that sort of thing.  The movie tells the story about the journey from potential starvation and a horrible death to cannibalism.  As my wife said “they had to eat their friends?…”  I thought, maybe that’s not so bad.   Or maybe it is awful, but I can easily do the math.   I really like meat.  Pork,  Deer, Beef, Chicken, Buffalo, Opossum… if it’s made of meat, I’m probably gonna like it.  That plus, “I  really like the idea of staying alive” all equals in a similar situation… “I’ve got dibbs on the ribs!”   My wife was a little disturbed with my confession, but she seemed to agree with me in the end.  A nice batch of roast pork ribs is better than death.  This movie was a little thought provoking.

So I decided to make a commitment just in-case.    If I’m ever on an airplane and it crashes in a far away place in a third world environment… I’m packing a little travel bottle of “Heinz 57” sauce.

The Gay Militia


I was waiting for all of this Indiana Religious Freedom legislation crap to blow over, obviously it’s not going away.

The gay rights crowd has managed to become the PC group of choice and with every CEO who steps down they grow that much stronger. At some point common sense needs to be applied to this argument.

  1. Any gay person or couple can go to another business that would be happy to do work with them.
  2. All Americans have rights, it goes both ways.
  3. If a Muslim went into a gay florist and demanded they be waited on by a straight person because Islam does not believe in homosexuality, who’s rights have been violated?

Gays can go anywhere, anytime and can find gay friendly businesses. This is not about rights being violated, this is about the gay community making demands on people who don’t believe the way that they do. Instead of understanding the other side, they demand the other side agree with them or be run out of business. It’s their way or the highway, which is the way of the liberal left, and since they have the power of the entire media and the Democrats at their whim, they have gone militant.

Until we throw political correctness out the window and stand up for conservative principles, this idiocy will continue to flourish. The easy answer is this, if you want to be gay, be gay, just stop the demands. If it weren’t for the gay militancy, Indiana would not have to make a law in the first place.

How about we force a Muslim cleric to perform a wedding ceremony of a same sex Jewish couple?   I didn’t think so.  The liberals, the gays, and the American major media,  all seem to be hyper focusing on this idiocy in Indiana.  While at the same time, our President is working to assist his friends in Iran gain assets, reduce sanctions, and help become an additional member of the atomic weapons fraternity.  Keep in mind that these are the same people who execute any and everyone that is gay, lesbian, or transgender in that country.  No one in the activist community even raises an eyebrow over this.  Our President, Secretary of State, the media, and the Democrats are all singing their praises for Iran.

The irony is amazing.

Parking in Portland


Since I’ve moved into town, there has been some distinct advantages and some disadvantages to this. My job requires me to wait in line until the parking police open their booth and then pay (cash only), to the guy who is equally happy as a DMV worker, to take my money and give me a parking pass.  It’s $13 bucks a day to park.  There is however, a preferred “gold card” club that you can gain membership to.  This allows you to bypass the booth.  You don’t have to face down the parking police guy each day.   You don’t have to wait for it to even open.  They have your name in the database and automatically take your money via payroll deduction.  Unfortunately, there is a pretty long waiting list to get this special treatment.  I’ve been on this wait list for nine years.  I’ve since given up.  I haven’t even checked my place in line for the last two years.  Well, last week my name came up. I am now a proud member of the parking club.  After 9 years of being on the wait list with the commoners, I’m now “special.”  The downside is that there are a wide variety of parking places and value of these parking places.  In the beginning,  realizing the futility, I made application to all of the parking lots possible.  My name came up on  the wait list to the least valuable of all parking places.  It was the  “three diamond waterfront lot.” In the nine years, I’ve changed job sites,  and job departments  four times.  I couldn’t know which lot would be the best.  They say that they are planning to build a new outpatient surgery center in a few years at the waterfront.  Who knows, by then, I’ll have a premium parking spot.  In the meantime, while the new site is being built.  I still work at my current job.  And this current place is a long ways from the lot.  I have to walk about a half mile from my surgery center to the main hospital.  I then walk to the Portland Aerial Tram and take a tram ride to the waterfront.  From there, I take a short,  half mile walk,  to my parking space.  It’s not all that cool to live in town. Much to my dismay, parking is a premium.

Must Use Military Funding for Poor Ted


It seems that even after death Ted Kennedy will cost taxpayers lots of money.  

Ted Kennedy is touted as a national hero. There was a national mourning and a gathering  of top federal officials to honor his memory.  There was no mention however, of how he killed an innocent girl and abandoned her at Chappaquiddick,  or his attempts to have the Soviets intervene in the 1984 presidential election against Ronald Reagan. They are pressing on to build his costly legacy using not only tax payers money, but military funds.

I have no complaints for the federal government wasting my hard earned cash for their stupid liberal pet projects crap.  But I have family that is in the military and I resent our soldiers being cheated by poor pay, and deal with crappy work conditions (I know it is the Army, but they are actively working to make it more of a shitty job than it needs to be).  But they are spending 28 million of military funding to make a shrine to Ted.

One of the big names on this funding bill was John McCain. He is a bottom of the deck dealer and a disgrace to this country. He is truly no different from the liberal democrats. RINO republicans like McCain should be run out of office.

And guess what all of us Peons will get for our $100 million dollar donation to Ted’s building memorial.  We get to pay $16 bucks to visit.  Yes we are really “Pee-on’s”  in the minds of our elected royalty of Washington DC.

New hope for Super Drug Resistant Bacteria


We’ve been hearing for years how the over use of antibiotics is killing us all and how we are breeding superbugs that are resistant to all possible antibiotics.  The doctors, the drug companies, the hospitals, everyone in the medical field is up in arms.

Well, I just read a story about a research project that tests how the old Anglo-Saxon Remedy Cures MRSA Superbug. Yep, a 1000 year old remedy  kills MRSA. Who knew?  It seems that the metals leeched out from the brass along with the acrid liquid in the recipe produces an antibiotic that easily kills the worst of the resistant bugs. All this cool and innovative health care,  and it occurred way back in a time when everyone thought a serious infection was a product of Satan.

Oh wait,  we still think that!

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