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How Would You Deal With This?

H/T to Jim22

It’s gonna suck to be a real SWAT team member if this continues.


It’s already getting quite difficult to be an officer of the law in this day and time. With the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore still fresh on everyone’s minds, people are starting to think “police state” and the law officers as the enemy.   With this mentality, people are increasingly more likely to shoot first. With the “no-knock” raids, even I feel a need to shoot first and ask questions later. Now that this is trending for home invasion thugs to pose as officers, even I have to agree that I would be more likely than ever to shoot first. Like I said, it’s a tough time to be a cop.

“Criminals Perpetrate A No-Knock Raid Claiming To Be Police”

HOLLADAY, Utah – Unified Police are looking for four suspects in a home invasion robbery overnight.

Police said four Polynesian men dressed in all black kicked the door in at a basement apartment in Holladay.

According to the two victims who were home at the time, the men said they were police officers and began searching the home and taking electronics.”

There’s no way that can end well for anyone.


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