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California may eventually not be all bad…


The wife and I went for a drive last week.  Whenever we get more than two days off in a row, we take a drive somewhere.  Last week we went to the San Juan Islands in Washington state.  We simply get in the car with a change of clothes and a tooth brush, and pick a point on the compass and go.  The week before we went South.  We ended up in Medford and we stayed the night at a wonderful little bed and breakfast in Jacksonville. In our travels and exploring, we made a wrong turn and, all of a sudden, we passed a sign that clearly read, “welcome to California.” I was not happy. The traffic was heavy and I couldn’t just turn around. So we drove on. When we got to the Redwood National Park I turned into the first campground and turned around to head back to Oregon. My wife clearly wanted to go deeper into California. I said, “sweetie, I have my gun with me… and I don’t really went to go anywhere I could be considered a felon. So we really need to get back to Oregon.”

This got me to thinking, I mean, California is indeed a beautiful state and it does have some nice places. I would like to go visit and even spend some money there. But on the other hand, why does it have to be so crazy liberal, and why do I feel so bad when even a cent of my money goes to support a wacko liberal cause? My wife even went as far to comment, “now don’t you go and say that all of the people of this state are nuts. Surely there are some conservatives and Christians in California.” I thought a minute, and said, “if there were, why don’t they vote? If they are outnumbered, then why don’t they leave this stupid corrupt state? I hear all the time about liberals leaving California to spread their insanity and corruption to other states. I hear how “liberal it’s getting” and how many “liberal nuts are moving here” stories from a bunch of my friends in Montana and Texas. Why don’t the conservatives of that state do something? After all, it’s the public majority that continuously re-elect these crooked, wacky-liberal, politicians that propagate the ridiculous laws that plague the state.

I don’t really know… I think the reason Californians don’t leave is because they’re content screwing up their own state.  Really, the last thing we need is those people voting in other states. California is a paradise of a state as far as natural recourses, but the liberal politics make it unlivable.  California Wins “Worst State for Business” for 11th Year in a row!

After careful research, I have come up with a solution for the liberal plague infecting California.  In the state 40% of the population voted for the Republican in the last governor’s election…it’s those people I don’t get why they’re staying.  But solving the issue is simple.  (see the pic above)  It’s the implementing the solution is what’s going to be difficult.  My wife said, “just be patient John,  soon it will happen.  And I believe it may happen all on it’s own. Just you wait and see.”


The problem, I’m not a patient man…  where’s Lex Luthor when you need him?


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