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Do we still even have a 1st Amendment


I wonder, what would be the equivalent of the attack on our World Trade center where 3,000 innocent lives were lost by the Murdering Muslims who are upset with American freedoms.  I for one believe that Pamela Geller of Texas,  should be praised, for showing America and the rest of the world that we are not going to be intimidated by these Radical bullies. Are we going to change our way of life and throw our Freedom of Speech out the window because we are afraid of offending these Fanatics representing “the religion of peace?”  If we live in fear, then the terrorists have won. Don’t be fooled; it is not about cartoons, this is about our criticism of Islam.  Because the liberals feel that appeasement may prevent further retaliation.  If we allow the liberals to squelch our first amendment then the terrorists have won. When are we Americans going to realize that the Islamist Radicals of the world don’t need any provocation? When are we going to stand up on our own two feet and shout that we are Not Going To Take It Anymore? What would happen if all the Christians got together and started blowing up any and all buildings that supported Robert Mapplethorpe ? The left is taking the argument that Pam Geller was wrong to provoke the extremists.  Seriously?  I say Pam Geller has the absolute right to draw any cartoon she wants to, be it the of the Prophet Muhammad, Moses, Jesus, President Obama, or of anyone else for that matter.  It can be hateful, angry, or even racist cartoons about any figure she so chooses.  That’s what Free Speech is all about. I’m sorry but I defend the “right to hate.” as well as the right to love.  When you say “free speech” you really open the door and nothing is off limits.  You can’t have it both ways.  H/T Edgetho

Do the Muslims have the right limit our Constitution?  Do they have the right to Kill in order to make their point? Does the left support people murdering others in the name of religion?

You either have Freedom of Speech of you don’t.

I think George Orwell along with a few of our forefathers are rolling over in their graves over this.

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