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This Makes Me Sikh


Call me narrow minded.  Call me bigoted… whatever.  I know that the liberal drivel about being flexible,  accepting of alternate ideas and embracing diversity is all well and good if you are working at a Starbucks.  But this is the American Military.  There is a reason they call what the soldiers wear a “uniform.”   The military dress code and the military discipline draws it’s members together to form a very tight cohesive team.  They not only work together, they will fight together and protect each other to the death if necessary.  It has been this way since there were soldiers fighting in wars.  Even the Roman soldiers back in the days of Jesus wore a military uniform and adhered to a uniform code.  The US military is (or was) the greatest fighting force on the planet.   With the advent of liberal ideas of a kinder, gentler, more diverse military, our fighting forces is being neutered by the  Democrats…

Or maybe that was their goal.


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