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Meat is Murder


People working in surgery have limited exposure to their peers.  We work in a windowless room with a surgeon, an anesthesiologist, and a sleeping patient.  Occasionally we have a resident or a student trying to learn a new surgical technique. But that’s it for the day.   So, sometimes the conversation may get a little dry.  At lunch, we all get together.  The other day, I was eating a leftover three piece fried chicken dinner from KFC and a CRNA started talking about my choice of lunch.  Because of a potential HIPAA  violation, I won’t use her real name.  So for this, I’ll simply call her Joan.  Well, Joan went rattled on about how “eating meat was murder” and “how bad KFC corporation treated the chickens” and on and on.  I looked over at her diet and said, “hey what’s that brown stuff you’re eating?”  She smiled,  “It’s Hummus, the best,  most wholesome food available… you should try it.”   I took a look and said, “well Joan, I’d try it, but what kind of animal does it come from?   And I’m pretty sure it’s not the best food available.  Because if that were true it,  would be bacon. Have  you ever eaten bacon Joan?”  She sniffed and turned grumbling how “eating meat was murder.”

Anyhow that was yesterday.  And today is my day off.  I was getting hungry and didn’t feel like cooking.  I decided to go to the store for something quick.  I usually ask my wife before I start anything so she can decide.  She said,  “I think I feel like some chicken.”  So the decision was made.  I walked up to Safeway to see what they had.  They had the whole,  broiled chickens on sale!  I got one of those,  along with some mac and cheese, and some steamed vegetables from the deli section.  I headed back as quick as I could.  On the way back, the smell torturous.  It was making me salivate.  I really love those chickens.  Once I finally made it back,  I set up a couple of plates for the two of us.  But when I opened the package and got the chicken out,  I made a disturbing observation.  I noticed the poor chicken’s little flapper arms,  and the little legs all bound together with a heavy cord.  As I carefully removed the bindings, I thought to myself…  Yep, this is pretty hard to deny.   Hey, I could possibly be an accessory to murder.

Damn good chicken though…


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