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More on Net (Security) Neutrality


I really hate saying “I told you so” again.  But today I found about the Justice

Department issuing subpoena to Reason magazine.   Reason.com is a libertarian website and they are just a little critical of the Obama administration.  Today the DOJ ordered Reason to hand over the anonymous names of everyone who has ever made comments to articles written in the web magazine.   They also have demanded the real names and addresses to everyone who has ever taken part in a forum at the same site.  Am I fearful?  Damn right I am.  I’ve stated that I am a libertarian, a conservative and I have even made comments towards the level of incompetence of our Commander in Chief.  In the terms of the DOJ, that’s three strikes.


In the same vein of destroying America, I also discovered that the DOJ has issues a ‘gag order’ on gun talk.  Any and all discussion on guns, reloading, self defense, on the internet is now banned.  I just wonder what the  NRA thinks about this new executive decision.

So whenever I have a technical question on how to reload my .308 cartridge for elk vs. deer, I  can no longer ask an expert on the NRA forum… or any other forum for that matter.   I’ll be at risk of arrest from the Thought Police .


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