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Why do people get Plastic Surgery?


Today at work I had a plastic surgeon just came up to the charge desk and asked,  “hey, does anyone want a Botox booster.”  What the hell?  Apparently, the plastic  surgery clinic where I work does a lot of procedures with Botox and they order the stuff by the case load.  Eventually the FDA expiration date gets close and they offer to inject all the leftovers into the  employees as a free benefit.   All the girls just dropped everything and flocked to this “free tune up clinic.”   When I asked, several proudly admitted that they have had more than one plastic surgery to enhance their appearance.  I wondered out loud, “but why can’t you simply be satisfied with the good looks that were given to you by God…Why is that not good enough?”   For some strange reason,  this admission by the female nursing staff made me really irritated.

Few things chap my butt more than this nation’s preoccupation with plastic surgery.   Yes, I know what you’re thinking… “you’re a nurse and you’re supposed to have compassion for these poor victims of an ugly fate,”  Well, yes, but I routinely do plastic surgery on cancer survivors, and the treatment is usually an attempt to repair a horrible scar or cancer defect… which is perfectly fine.  I simply don’t  believe in plastic surgery just for the fun of it.  Plastic surgery is something that is overtaken America and especially the youth of today.  Everyone thinks it’s just fine to go and get whittled on just because you happen to dislike the way your nose looks.   Sadly, we now have role models like Kim Kardashian who gets surgery more regularly than I get my hair cut.  This has become an American pastime.  If you don’t believe me, just go to any third world country and scope out the boob jobs, and nose jobs there.  Go to Mexico, or Jamaica and take a look… there aren’t any at all! You may find boobs that droop to the knees there… unlike here,  they’re proud of what they’ve got.

Does anyone know what the number one plastic surgery done by women in America just prior to their wedding?  Give up?  It’s a “hand lift”  a procedure to tighten up the skin on their hands.  (Number 2 is the nose job)  They all want their hands to look pretty when they show off their new wedding ring to their family and friends!

In my younger day people were too busy worrying about  raising families to worry about their outward appearance.  Most of us were felt privileged just to be able to work and make  their own money in a hard economic time.

When I was young, we were ugly and proud of it. Our faces had character and every defect told a story of hard work.  I had a long scar on the left side of my face from a childhood accident.  When I became older, I was proud of that scar.  It even helped to get girls, (including my wife).  Now,  as I walk around the  local  Wal-Mart,  playing  Wal-Mart Bingo, looking for people that have scars and birth defects,  I notice that it’s only the old guys like me that has any real scars at all.   I’m proud to be from rural Alabama.  A lot of us had a cauliflower ear, or a broken nose.  It was a sign to everyone that you wasn’t a wimpy kid growing up.

Now everyone is obsessed with altering their natural  looks and getting surgery.  I bet that over half the population today have been injected, augmented, enlarged, reduced, pumped,  or botoxed.   Some look like cast offs from the Sci-Fi channel.

In my day, we went to the doctor if we had rickets, or ringworm, or bleeding that wouldn’t stop…  never because we wanted to have  “pretty hands”.

What’s so great about looking young and sexy anyway?   I love a woman that has a natural beauty.  She looks  natural and can get out of bed in the morning and get ready go as quick  as I  can… quicker sometimes.  I can’t understand why any woman would want to give up her individuality just to look like any other “Cosmopolitan”  cover girl.

When I was younger, I would lie  about my age and I would grumble  every time my birthday would come around.  Now that I’m a little older, I can brag about my age because I know so many people that have passed that were younger (and prettier) than me.

Just like the politicians that control this country, most people out there are really screwed up.  If people today are so hell bent on surgical self-improvement I’d recommend they forgo any  ill-advised vanity projects and consider getting themselves an old fashioned spineoplasty, or a character lift instead.  We need to forgo selfish  motives and get back to basics and focus on the needs of the country as a whole.


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