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Obama is Still Amazingly Popular!


Well,  I know that I was not suppose to take a political holiday.  I told my son that I wasn’t talking about politics for a while,  but I just ran across an article that I just couldn’t pass up.  Although things haven’t gone as planned for the Democrats and the economy continues to hang in the toilet,  fortunately, it seems that Barack Obama is still very popular!… especially in China.

Many Americans may have fallen out of love with Barack Obama, but apparently the President of the United States is still an object of serious affection for the Chinese, who have remodeled him as a blow-up sex doll.

Who would know that Barack Obama  would rekindle the sex doll trade in China. Apparently the Chinese really “love”  Obama.

A doll wearing a dark blue suit and red tie, and with Mr. Obama’s face carefully screen-printed onto its head, was exhibited at the recent Sex Culture Festival in the southern city of Guangzhou.

The doll was photographed by Chinese state media nestling behind several other standard plastic female toy dolls for effect.

The “Mr. Obama doll”  is widely popular in China and a has become a best-seller. The manufacturer has stated that the President is incredibly popular and is shipping out “world wide” faster than they can produce them! Who knew!

The Guangzhou show, which was only open to adults to enter and was visited by “hundreds of thousands” of people, according to a spokesman for the Guangdong Gongchuang Economic Development.  From the opening day, it was said, the demand for the Obama doll “has been overwhelming!”


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