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Another Senseless Shooting


The story is nearly the same,  a crazy, nut-job walks into a church and kills a bunch of people.  It was a Church shooting this time.  This time there were Nine dead.   It was a tragedy.

What really sickens me is the slimy politicians who use this tragedy to political ends.  Our President Obama hits off immediately to enact new stronger gun laws.   The Charleston mayor also has already gone out on his soap box to make a speech on why this nation needs stronger, more restrictive gun laws.

If strong gun control had  even the slightest chance of working, I’d be all  behind it!  But it doesn’t work, it never has.  If you were to rank  the worlds worst gun tragedies in order, America would be pretty low on the list.  Number one is Norway.  Yes they have incredibly restrictive gun laws.  All guns are illegal.  Number two in South Korea.  And again all  guns are illegal there too.   The liberals keep using Britain as a comparison in the gun debate.  Unfortunately, Britain has a much higher amount of violent crime than even America. Britain has eight times the violent crime over America.  The liberal media doesn’t tell you that!

In contrast to what the liberals tell you,  guns actually make you safer.  The most restrictive states in the nation are Illinois, Washington DC, New York, and Michigan.  These cities have such restrictive gun laws, it is impossible to own a gun as a resident.  Yet the gun crime in these states are so high that they make up  a large percentage of the nations violent crime.  If gun control actually worked, Detroit, Chicago, New York City, and DC would be a paradise.

Gun control  is never about the guns… it’s all about the control.


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