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Happy Father’s Day


For all the guys out there,  Happy Father’s Day.  And I will also say thanks for being a father and helping out your kids.  In today’s times, it’s apparently no longer the thing to do, to stay home and be a parent to your kids, to teach them right from wrong and give guidance. So that said,   a special thanks goes for the single moms out there who has to do double duty.  You disserve a “Happy Day” too!    Take a little extra cash and get a baby sitter and do something for yourself.

Yoda Time

I’ve got a new membership to the  Tri-County Gun Club in Newberg.  I was on the waiting list for two years for this.  I went through the orientation process last week and I think, as a father’s day present to myself, I’m gonna go shooting, for the first time at this new club,  today!

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