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Gay Marriage is Not about Gays or Marriage


Gay marriage is now the “law of the land” as said by the Supreme court.  Even  before this decision,  it was ok to put a man out of business, if because of his Christian values, he  refuses to make a gay wedding cake.  Now that the Supreme Court has made their wishes known, I’m thinking that all organized religion could be on the chopping block.

I’m a libertarian, so I  couldn’t give two shakes about gays, or gay rights.  “Don’t ask, don’t tell” worked just fine for me.  But when my church is threaten, it becomes serious.

At the lunch room today,  I overheard most people talking about “equal rights” and “gay rights” and how “those poor people need to be free to love each other.”  Well,  that’s totally absurd.  It’s not at all about “gay rights.”  Gay issues are a convenient  distraction.  It’s all about the destruction of organized religion in this country and nothing more.

When any gay couple walks into my church and demands to be married, my pastor will say, “you know that you can go down to the Episcopal church.  It’s just a block down the street.  They will gladly marry you there.”  And if the couple  insists, and my pastor  continues to refuse, they can now sue  my church for discrimination.  The government will hit my church with the only stick they has…  the stripping away of  the tax free status for churches.   They will eventually do this with all churches.  This will be Obama’s way of gaining an infusion of literally, billions of dollars.   It solves two problems at once.  It crushes Obama’s opponents (conservative Christians) and it bails out some of his financial woes and temporarily makes the economy look better.

I’m just curious as to what the Catholic church will do.  They don’t want to give in to gay rights, but they don’t want to lose revenue either.  They have a track record,  and I think the Vatican just might give in to the liberal pressure the same way they gave in to Hitler in WW2.  I don’t know.  We’ll see.

I do know that my church will not cave.  Instead of putting cash into the offering plate as a tidy “tax deduction”, I will simply consider it my “donation to God.”


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