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More on Gay Marriage


I was watching the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage today.   I’m not a “homophobe”  and, in the scheme of things, I don’t care a whit about gay issues or gay rights.  Personally, I am still a Libertarian and I don’t ask.  It’s just that I don’t want them to tell me all about their gay stuff.  In return, I won’t demand that they listen to every detail of my sexual exploits.

I really don’t  like what just went down with the gay issue and the Supreme Court.  I mean this can’t mean anything good for this country.  When this country is in peril and divided on racial issues more than ever, this is yet another issue that has further divided this country.  If I didn’t know better, I’d say that the current administration is working to propel this country into anarchy.

I predict that we will see a host of  new law suits.  Now that the Supreme court has made their wishes known, everyone else will want to get on the bandwagon.  There will be suits very soon on what is allowed to marry.  The “Man-Boy Association”  will probably be the first to weigh in on the legal wave.  Next will be the polygamists.  I mean, why restrict marriage to just two people?  In America today, there is no good reason.

Sen. Al Franken issued a statement saying, “Our country is starting to understand that it’s not about what a family looks like: it’s about their love and commitment to one another.” Polygamists couldn’t agree more.  I mean, who are we to say that two or three or even four consenting adults — who want to make a lifelong commitment to love one another — shouldn’t be allowed to do so?

What’s magical about the number two… even if it’s only two gay people?  See where this is going?

In fact, you could argue that there is an even better argument for polygamy than for same sex marriage. For one thing, there’s a long tradition, just look at the heroes of the Old Testament. (Christian and Muslim alike.)  It’s also intimately tied to religious practice, which means that by prohibiting polygamy, we might also be undermining the “free exercise thereof.”

Why should we impose our values on others?

Historically, culturally, religiously, biologically and anthropologically polygamy is on a much firmer ground than gay marriage ever was. Based on the recent Supreme Court ruling, what possible justification can there be to continue to prohibit polygamy?

Well, supporters of gay marriage intensely oppose polygamy. It dilutes their victory, you know. They don’t want to be associated with “those perverts”. (pedophiles are still OK)  Gay marriage is special, they argue.

I don’t think so. I think the United States government owes descendants of 19th century Mormons an apology for violating their constitutional rights.  I think reparations must be paid to these poor people who were obviously discriminated against based on their religious practices.


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