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Shade Tree Mechanic… No More


I turned from the standard news feed because of the depressing nature of everything that is going on most recently.  Instead, I’ve done my current surfing on Summer vacation destinations  and car stuff.  I love old cars. I love the look, the curve.  I love the smell.  I love the sound of a V-8 with headers  and glass-pack mufflers.  The “fixer-upper”  was a symbol,  as well as a means to a high school kids independence.  I went to trade school,  learned the basics,  and I grew up working on cars.  I once had a 68 AMC Javelin.  I traded it for a 68′ Firebird hard-top.  I traded that for a  68′ Firebird convertible with a small block 327 Chevy and a 4-speed transmission.  My friend Kelly had a 62′ Step-side Chevy truck, and my friend Al had 68′ Dodge Charger.   I loved all those cars.  I sold mine when I started having kids.  Can’t have the children learning about my crazy youth.

Although I’m a lot older now, I still enjoy working on my own car.  My wife just bought a new Fiat 500.  It was making a clicking noise in the steering.  The very first day after I got that home,  I got my tools and put it up on the stands.  I crawled under and checked out the underside.  I had to make sure.

Apparently, it will soon be illegal to “work on your own car” in this country.  The days of taking a class at the local community college, then learning to tweak your car for performance or style is about to go away.  Soon, you will only be able to get your car serviced at the specific auto dealer from which made the car.  Even changing the tires or rims can be considered “dangerous” and illegal.  Where have we gone in this crazy world of excessive control and regulation.  George Orwell would be turning over in his grave over this…

Apparently the 12 Big Car Companies are all in agreement.  They are demanding that every “non-dealer mechanic” must Stop repairing cars . 

Apparently, the car manufacturers say that “they are the only people who can make improvements” because they “know the cars better.”  So all the major car companies have gotten together, (along with a large donation to several key congressmen), they have decided to change the copyright laws so only dealers can change or modify a car.  They’re couching this as a “safety issue.”  Modern cars are so complex that it is considered “unsafe” for anyone other than the dealer mechanic to change anything.

This is a sad state we live in.  I’m wondering what would happen if we “constructed” our own car from scratch…  or a mixture of junk yard parts?   You know, like that old Johnny Cash song,  “One Piece at a Time.”   What would they do?   I’m thinking that if this were to take place,  I just might try it something like that.


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