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Voting matters already

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Today at work, I was blessed with working in a room full of liberals.  They were all excited about the “same-sex ruling” and , because I was the one and only conservative,  they were really rubbing it in.  The anesthesia provider was gay and proud to express his views saying, “it’s about time they voted in favor of love and equality.”

I managed to keep quiet and to myself for the most part of the day, even though  “love” was never seen written anywhere in my version of the Constitution.  Finally the CRNA in attempt to bait me, asked,  “I’ll bet you’re going to vote for that wacko, NAZI  Ted Cruz for President.”   I looked at him and said,  “I’ll have you know that Ted Cruz is a conservative libertarian.  The very word NAZI stands for the National Socialist German Worker’s Party.  Mr. Cruz is about as far from a NAZI or a Socialist as you can get.  But to answer your question, I’m voting for Bernie Sanders.”  My coworker was speechless as his mouth worked like a fish out of water.   I went on to say, “I know that Hillary Clinton is a Socialist.  Jeb Bush is a Socialist.  Bernie Sanders is a Socialist.  The first two are liars.  Bernie,  at least, openly admits that he’s a Socialist.  That’s a step in the right direction in my book.  It’s about time this country gets a real, open and honest Socialist in office.

My coworker laughed and then gave me a worried look and said,”  You’re kidding… right?”


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