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Arm the Troops


Four military personnel were killed by a single jihadi in Chattanooga. How was this possible? The dead were United States Marines. They are some of the best and toughest fighters in the world. How was one young man able to kill four marines and injure one other person – a police officer – without repercussion?

How you say?…  The victims were intentionally disarmed by their leaders.

What kind of sense does that make? Why should the most well trained military people in the world have be made victims by taking away their means of defense? It’s not just stupid, it’s criminal.

This is not the first time a jihadi has chosen a military installation for his carnage. No, it has been going on pretty regularly. Fort Hood, in Killeen, Texas has been hit twice. There are others.

Why do these killers flock to military bases? For the same reason the go to schools. No one is armed. No one can resist.

Our military people are trusted with rifles, pistols, grenades, tanks, artillery, attack aircraft, and a lot more, just not on base. They need small arms to protect themselves and others. Every military person who has been properly trained to safely use small arms should be required to carry an arm. That will stop this.  H/T to

Related News from the White House: “4 Marines Killed – White House Releases Statement Wishing Muslims a Happy end to Ramadan”

Oh yea, please note  the warning on the door of the recruiting station…. It’s  labeled as a “gun free zone”

Why did that sign not work?   … Hmmm.

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