A Nurse With Attitude

Where Dark Cynical Humor, Nursing Issues, and Politics Seem to Merge

Strange Days


It keeps stacking up more and more every day.   A crap sandwich deal with Iran, an economic trade deal with Cuba, ISIS out of control and beheading Christians by the thousands, Russia land grab in Crimea and the Ukraine, open and free borders from Mexico, China threatening war with Japan,  our own economy in the toilet.  Who knows what’s next…

Obama’s “pin the tail on the donkey” foreign policy is making the world  vastly more dangerous. Guess he isn’t satisfied with just destroying America.

Welcome back to 1970’s bomb drills, learn to speak Spanish (or Chinese), invest in gold, guns, lots of ammo, and look out for your own.  Our own government is no longer protecting the citizens or the interests of this country.   These are strange days indeed.

I’m looking for those four guys to come riding in on their horses any day now.


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