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More Gun Control from the Left


Second Amendment supporters…now we know. In San Francisco politics, a Mexican illegal immigrant using a stolen gun in a high-profile murder is more of a gun issue than the immigration issue. One would think Francisco Sanchez, a 45-year old a man with 7 felony convictions and who has been deported 5 times, would trigger an immediate review of the sanctuary city’s immigration policy. Instead, his random shooting of innocent 32-year old Kathryn Steinle at a San Francisco pier is sadly the trigger behind a new push for stricter new gun control. Somehow they think that issuing laws for mandatory videotaping of all guns and ammo sales will help. The one and only gun store in all of San Francisco already has continuous surveillance video to prevent theft. Somehow this is not enough. Oh yeah, I forget to remind you that the gun used by the illegal alien to murder Kathryn was traced back to a federal agent. Regardless of how he obtained this weapon from this federal agent, weather it was stolen or through some other nefarious means, None of the weapons ever used by any federal agent is purchased through any civilian gun store. Federal agents obtain their gun through government contracts, not gun stores. So all the laws in the world wouldn’t have done anything to save Kathryn.

Then again, it’s not about the guns… it’s about the control.

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