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Cell Phone at the Movies


As I said that I saw Ant-Man the other night. I’m still having it on my mind. The bad guy in the movie, Corey Stoll , he was majorly annoyed by our hero’s use of his army of ants.  I may be somehow sympathizing with the bad guy over his dislike of ants.  Maybe it was my years of living in Alabama and having encounters with Fire Ants, I  don’t know.

Anyhow, I had a major annoyance of the small variety while at the movie.  I got popcorn and a large drink.  About half way through the movie, that large coke was starting to come through.  I got up and went to the rest room.  At the theater, there was a whole row of urinals in the men’s room.  While I was relieving myself, a guy walked in and unzipped  and started doing his business in the urinal right next to me!  Did I just say “there was a whole row of urinals”  in that particular men’s room?  … and he saddles up right next to me.   I couldn’t just cut and go, I was in mid stream, for goodness sake.  I still had about a quart left to drain.  I tried not to glance over… eyes straight ahead, I thought.  Then all of a sudden, he blurted out, “Hey… how ya doin?”  After an uncomfortable pause, he said,  “Hey, can you hear me?”  After another, even more of an uncomfortable moment, I couldn’t stand it,  I cut off and began to put my equipment away as I simultaneously turned to see what this crazy man was blabbering about.   What the heck, am I going to have to have an incident here in the Cinetopia bath room?  When  I turned, he was a typical guy, dressed a little yuppyish,  a clean haircut and a button down shirt.  He was looking straight ahead.  As I looked at him, he noticed me saying, “yeah, I’m here at the movies…” and pointed at his little blue-tooth in his ear.  Damn!  I was relieved and, at the same time very annoyed at this ass, who just had to pee right next to me, and then decided to strike up a very loud, and very annoying, conversation with someone else while peeing.  I went back to the movie only two-thirds relieved.   Thankfully I made it to the end without having to pee again… whew.

On the other hand, I might just get me one of those blue-tooth ear-buds.  Not to talk free-handed on the phone, but to talk about people and have them think that I’m talking to someone else.  Like if I’m at the checkout line at Wal-Mart next to the typical 370 pound woman with the tube top,  pajama bottoms, and four kids all of different ethnicities.  I suddenly start, “Oh my gosh, that’s one ugly baby…”  and as the woman looks my way I say,  “yeah, honey,  if you really think you can sell those puppies, then go for it…”  as I smile and point to my ear-bud.  That just might save me from saying inappropriate things at places where inappropriate things seem to just fly out.


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