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Gun Laws

Able rock

I just read another article about the new restrictions just passed on Concealed Carry in this state. This stuff really gets to me. I never hear about the politicians working on making us safer, or how they are going to take the guns from the criminals. They only talk about how they are going to clamp down on the law abiding citizens.   They will never learn that it’s not the gun that’s bad…. It’s bad people that’s bad.

Why is it that the states with the most draconian gun laws have the highest murder rates, while the states that are totally relaxed with the law abiding citizens having guns, have the lowest crime rates?

I have a solution. If you are not a felon and you pass an FBI background check, you can buy and carry whatever you want, anytime you want, and anywhere you want in this great nation. Then watch the crime rates (in especially these bad cities) plummet.


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