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Muslim Weddings?

Make the Damn Cake

I have a few Muslim friends and  I don’t want to offend any of them.  So I want everyone to understand that, as a Christian, I am deeply offended.  So, to be totally fair,  let’s celebrate all religious groups together.

Today America (pandering to the aggrieved) is busy creating protected classes of people who enjoy certain exemptions from responsibility. Recently we’ve learned homosexuals have the entitled right to force others to pander to their sexual appetites, and ‘preferences.’  It has become the new normal – when it applies to Christians (only).  The most recent wedding cake ordeal here in Portland, for example.

So, to be fair, I have to ask…  is being Muslim a choice or is it something you were born to be? The jury is (literally) out on that one and I will leave that decision to those in black robes to decide for me on my behalf.

However your conscience lets you slice it, right?

Is homosexuality a choice or is this compulsion natural and inborn? Every generation seems to redefine it and none of the generations seem to agree.

When the liberals and the homosexual agenda go out of their way to persecute Christians it’s fine…   but what about the 800 lbs. gorilla in the corner?  You know, the Muslims?  When will the gays demand to have their weddings in a Mosque?  Will the Supreme Court decide once again in favor of the gays?  Or will they see the side of the Muslims?

What if you were born to be a Nazi and being a Nazi imparts a sense of “dignity” (to quote Justice Kennedy) to you? You’re white and people kick you around – but once you’ve joined a group of a like-minded group, complete with the “SS” membership on your sleeve, you begin to feel more dignity. You find a woman that you love and want to marry and create your little “National Socialists Party”. And that sense of dignity requires that your Nazi wedding cake is made by Jews. Should the Jewish bakery be forced by law to recognize and celebrate your union?

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One thought on “Muslim Weddings?

  1. Jacob on said:

    I’ll probably be the only person who might ever point out that you are literally comparing the Homosexual community with Nazis, which is Godwin’s law in action (look it up).

    I will agree that there are certain ‘rights’ that seem to overreach when it comes to the treatment of those that are discriminated against, but that also depends largely on the court-assigned validity of their desires. A church should be able to say ‘I won’t marry you’ and be fine without retaliation beyond diminished numbers on the next Sunday.

    This is what I feel is essentially the problem with the standards of yesterday mingling with the standards of today. We as a species were so bound to tradition that earlier generations are so revolted, they would do what they deem necessary to hold to older traditions (such as a previously known wedding-bakery releasing the personal info of a gay couple they refused service to, so that discriminatory zealots could begin sending them death-threats).

    ….whereas I can’t really explain this rebellion from the younger generations. Perhaps it’s the gradual break-away from ‘the norm’ perpetually fueled by the ever-increasing freedom technology grants us? Technologically, it feels as though we’ve lost control of the pace and our discoveries have shot forth faster in the past hundred years than they ever had in all the years before that. We’ve suddenly got this massive jump-ahead in what we can do, yet we’re still just barely better than what we were when we started.

    My point being, we’re confused, and we’re doing stupid stuff across the spectrum…..but if there’s anything that should be said, it’s that we’re also figuring out how to fix mistakes like this. Do I think minorities (or any group in general) should be able to use their status to perform retaliatory strikes against anyone that disapproves of them? No. That doesn’t mean I don’t think a gay couple should have to go three shops down just to get a cake though.

    It should also be said that homosexual marriage wasn’t always outlawed by the church. If you tick the clock back by a few hundred years, you’ll find that up into the 1300’s, same-sex marriage was actually considered okay.

    More to be found here, because the only way to teach people today is by making them laugh: http://www.cracked.com/article_21155_5-modern-controversies-that-have-been-around-forever.html

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