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Politically correct and shit


I thought I’d never agree with my liberal friends on anything.  How things have changed.  I now am on an official boycott of Walmart.

Now Walmart has announced that they will no longer sell semi-automatic firearms in any of their stores. FROM HERE

Walmart bows to the pressures of political correctness once again. The “Black Lives Matter” people pronounce themselves pleased.

Walmart succumbed to pressure from the “Black Lives Matter” groups and their bias against white Southerners. No more, said Walmart piously, would they sell anything with the racially oppressive word “Dixie” on it. Nor would they sell any merchandise with the Confederate flag on it. That was then… this is now.

Now, after the ABC news shooting, Walmart has announced that they will no longer sell semi-automatic firearms in any of their stores. This is not connected to the concerted efforts of the “Black Lives Matter” crowd, according to a Walmart spokesman.  They say too many black men are killed with AR-15 style rifles (they don’t mention it’s other black men wielding them) and they have been going after Walmart with nuisance suits and penny  packet “demonstrations.”  But Walmart says there is no connection between the announcement last week of a protest, and Walmart’s sudden announcement that the guns have to go.  It’s just a coincidence, related to normal marketing, and they neglected to make the announcement when the decision was made months ago. That’s all. This is the same ploy they used when the Sara Brady clan went after them and they decided to stop selling hand guns. They undoubtedly think people are stupid, and they are largely correct in this assumption, but not everyone buys their facile announcements. I don’t care myself, they can quit selling everything as far as I am concerned. But if anyone is in the market for an AR-15 they are clearing out the inventory and it might be a good time to buy. Even if a Bushmaster came from Walmart, it’s still a Bushmaster.

But in the end, I have no use for anyone that has no spine when it comes to standing up against the crazy fringe groups and also doing what is right… so the boycott is on!


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One thought on “Politically correct and shit

  1. Sadly, the Black Lives Matter organization has been causing quite a stir. They even took over a Sanders rally for the sole purpose of taking up his speech time.

    They’re not really helping their cause.

    Still, I’d also argue that this is a symptom of bigger problems that need to be addressed. If said problems continue, it might eventually result in entire communities thrown into unrest….applying it to any singular group jut gets us angry at them rather than the problems that are pushing them into their moment of action, making us less aware of the risk that we too might eventually be pushed into our moment of action with similar consequences.

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