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whiney ass complainers

Bad Day

I got an actual complaint to my manager today.  It wasn’t serious, and it was not from my patient, it was another employee… which doesn’t matter nearly as much. Anyway, I haven’t had one of those in years.  I guess I’ve been spoiled… but it’s still a shocker when you’re doing your best and someone talks smack on you.  And it’s always a bummer to get that call, “Mr. Taylor, would you come into my office, I have something to discuss with you…”   On the other hand, I guess it was expected.  I think that as I get older, my tolerance for stupid people gets less and less. Sometimes, if they catch me off guard, I just blurt out what’s actually going through my mind. “Hey, did I just say that out loud?… whoops, I guess I did.” This was just another one of those things… and I explained it that way.  I usually get off with only a warning when I explain it in a matter of “patient safety” when I make my plea.  Also, I usually thrown in a little bit of the truth, and explain my lack of tolerance for stupid people. My manager was OK and almost agreeing with me.  Then I kept on talking.  This department is full of “little delicate flowers” they can’t take any criticism at all.  This new little nursing student that was with me, she has to realize that nursing is serious and making mistakes isn’t exactly like working at Starbucks.  When I looked up and saw the frown on my boss’s face, I decided it was time to stop talking.

In my early ER days, complaints were pretty common.  Back then, I was “the delicate flower” and everyone else in the department was the battle hardened trauma nurse.  Boy, do I remember how hard it was.  But,  ER nurses were all living on the edge and no one tolerated stupid.  Stupid was about 80% of our business.  Once back at MCV in Virginia,  I was working the triage desk in the ER.  It there was a woman who complained to my manager that I was “racist.”  It was because I triaged two other guys  before her mildly sick 3-year-old son with a sore throat.  There was a 78yo with crushing chest pain,  and a 32yo man with a gunshot wound one centimeter below the left nipple.  The second guy walked in and asked for “an appointment.”  He staggered a bit, as if he were drunk, then he passed out right in front of my desk.  She even saw this guy fall and somehow thought she should come first.  The funny thing was that all of them were the same race.

Just a note… when you come to the ER, you never, ever, ever,  get service by order in which you arrive.  This is the ER… not the DMV,  and you don’t get to “take a number”.   Keep in mind, if you come to the ER and the nurse “rushes you right in”  it’s ok to go ahead and assume that you’re going to die very soon.  Because of varying levels of illness,  accompanied by layers of government bureaucracy, you will generally NOT get prompt service… Unless of course, you are actually dying, or this ER happens to be in Hicksville and you’re the only patient in the building.


“Signs of the End”


It’s the end of the world as we know it. The world is headed for disaster of biblical proportions. Fire and brimstone from the skies, rivers boiling, wrath of God, dogs and cats living together… hysteria.

I stayed up (even though it was a work night) to see the “blood moon”. According to some religions, even the Mormons believe that this, once in a 30 year blood moon, and simultaneous lunar eclipse is the sign of the end of the world.

Many are alarmed and screaming in a state of pandalyrium. I say sit back, have cold Mountain Dew and crack open a fresh bag of Chips Ahoy and enjoy the ride. I, for one am certainly looking forward to seeing Jesus when he gets here.



It’s Oktoberfest this weekend. The wife and I are off to Mt. Angel to take part in the festivities. We will browse through the “farmers market” atmosphere, have a German sausage with kraut, and have a beer. I’ll talk again on Monday.

American Soldiers Ordered to “Tolerate” Child Abuse


Here’s a story that makes my blood boil, US Soldiers Told to Ignore Sexual Abuse of Boys by Afghan Allies. This is from the a multiple sources but the lead story is from The New York Times‎.

Because it’s considered insensitive for American troops to correct a foreigner in thier own country, our soldiers were ordered to ignore child rape of little boys while in Afghanistan, even on American military bases.  Apparently as many as 50% of the men enjoy the act of child rape. Our political and military leaders claim that the act of “man/boy love” is simply “part of their culture” and we shouldn’t make judgements or get involved.

I say, if they want our military assistance, then as long as our soldiers are at risk, they will do as we say or be shot on sight. That is pure evil…

Apparently this has been happening all along. This story came to light when (Dan Quinn), a former Special Forces captain beat up an American-backed militia commander for keeping a boy chained to his bed as a sex slave on an American military base.

The policy of instructing soldiers to ignore child sexual abuse by their Afghan allies is coming under new scrutiny, particularly as it emerges that service members like Captain Quinn have faced discipline, even career ruin, for disobeying it.

This stems from the sick, corrupt and immoral leadership we have at the top of our own government. Just today I learned that Obama appointed the first openly gay military leader. I guess sodomy is still perfectly fine. What’s next the leader NAMBLA to be named leader of Health and Human Services?

This once great country has slid so far, it’s pitiful.

Humans have made dogs stupid


Dogs are dumber than wolves and domestication is to blame according to an Oregon State University study.

They may be man’s best friend, but dogs have little to thank humans for it seems.

Research suggests the domesticated pets can’t solve problems as well as their wild cousins because living with us has made them ‘incapable of thinking for themselves.’

In tests, experts presented a ‘puzzle box’ containing food to a group of dogs, and a group of wolves and while the wolves were capable of breaking inside, the dogs looked to humans for help.

So let me see if I understand the findings. If you take care of another creature, remove their need to care for themselves, make them dependent on others for their sustenance and survival and eliminate any responsibility for their own lives, they become lazy thinkers and permanently unable to take care of themselves?

Yep, that absolutely, positively sounds right to me.

H/T to R.D. Walker

Tree Huggers


On the way home from work today, I saw this.  Being a conservative that actually understands the value of the lumber industry,   what it brings to the economy and, most important, why we need to manage the forest to decrease the danger of forest fires, it makes me feel great.  Living in the Pacific Northwest where liberals reign and feelings trump over common sense and logic,  it warms my heart to see a hard working blue collar man flaunt it in front of the liberal masses

Scrub Day


Today I was the scrub. I worked in the surgical field and with the surgeon. This job is usually for a “scrub tech”.   A person that is usually without an advanced degree but probably (but not required) a trade school certification of surgical instrument handling. In the field of surgery, the “scrub” is the fun part of surgery. As a person with an “RN” I’m usually work at the circulator. That job is specifically for a nurse and, pretty much takes care of all the paperwork. It is usually not as fun. Today was different… I don’t know, maybe we had enough nurses. I’m not complaining. In the field, helping out with the actual surgery, fixing cool stuff in the patients inside is cool. Paperwork is not as cool.

Today my first case is to set a broken jaw and secure it with titanium plates and screws. That was fun. I love doing “woodwork” and getting paid for it. Screws, drills, saws, and hammers. It’s like having a day off working in my workshop building something cool. Today, we’re constructing a new jaw!

The only downside to this is the patient. It seems that she is a pregnant meth addict who somehow got into an altercation with another patron at a bar. In the brawl, she got her jaw broken. There is some things that are left unspoken here. Does she present with a healthy lifestyle? Is she a pillar of society? Is this the first time she has been in an altercation at an unsavory entertainment establishment? Does she have a good, healing inducing, high protein diet for this fracture?   Does she have an adequate income and motivation for follow up care?   I think that the answer to all of my questions is a “NO”. I’m not even going to mention the fact that she is pregnant and a chronic meth user. It seems that, no matter how we do this surgery, no matter the quality of our work, she will have delayed, if not poor healing. She may even have an infection. I’m not judging here, but when are we going to start taking “personal responsibility” into account here when it comes to health care, and especially insurance costs. This woman uses the system at least 10 times more than I do. She doesn’t pay into the system and she doesn’t care about her health or her baby’s health, yet my premiums are going up.

Oh well, this is a crazy world we live in. I’m not going to think about this stuff and have a little fun in the workshop today.

Why Donald Trump is Madly Popular


I find that Donald Trump is a hoot to watch.  Watching a GOP debate is like watching an episode of Jerry Springer .

Donald Trump has no filters and says whatever he wants. No political correctness, no tact and no special politeness for established politicians.  Because of this, everyone is gunning for him and teaming up to plan his political demise.

Unfortunately, the establishment Republicans do play by the rules.  They do speak politely and they are very politically correct.  The worst threats they can throw at him is;  Trump is not a “real” Republican or a “real” conservative. This insult would of course be a devastating criticism had “real” Republicans and “real” conservatives” in Washington managed actually to “conserve” anything during their time in office. Fiscal prudence? Constrained welfare? Private health care? Religious liberty? There’s no point to a purity test for a party that folds more reliably than the White House valet. As I’ve said, for the Republican establishment the real issue is Donald Trump.  The major issue of the Conservative base is the Republican establishment.

I realize that Donald Trump probably would not be the best choice for President.  But much  like the “low informed voters” out there watching their television,  I too, find myself being magically drawn to him.  Whenever the Trump is on TV, I can’t pull myself away.  It’s like watching a  NASCAR event.  It’s mostly boring and monotonous,  but you know, if you watch long enough, you will eventually see the guy leading the pack make a mistake and run into the wall and end in a spectacular fiery death.  I believe this is why Trump is drawing such a media frenzy.  Not because he’s a good Presidential candidate.

Why a Huge Portion of the Population will Still Vote for Hillary


As a nurse that works primarily in Neurosurgery, I read a lot of material on neuroscience. I read a medical study the other day that really opened my eyes. It seems that, when it comes to politics or a preferred candidate, it is impossible to change someone’s opinion once they have made up their mind. For years I have been ranting and raving about this guy or that guy, or the Democrat, this or that Republican did that, blah, blah, blah. Apparently I’m totally wasting my breath and energy talking to people. Not only am I wasting my breath, but everything I’ve said is totally not understood. The “psychological understanding” of political leanings come from an entirely different area of the brain, (says this new study).   Similar to the mindset of the “Vulcan” race in the popular show “Star Trek,” Conservatives tend to analyze the data and form a decision based on pure logic. While people of the liberal bent tend to make decisions based purely on “feelings.”   Also, to make matters worse, if your decision is “already decided” then no matter what the other side says, even if it’s true, will not change your mind or deter you from your chosen candidate or idea.   So that said, any election or political decision is not based on converting people to your view, but simply energizing the people that are on your side to get out there and actually cast their vote.

One of my sons is a liberal. I’ve argued with him for years, trying to change his view. It seems now that (according to this study) his view is unchangeable.   So with this new revelation, I will continue to go over to my son’s place, visit and debate political issues. I will no longer attempt to change his view. He’s a liberal and I accept that. I will debate him because I love him and I enjoy our exchange. It’s entertainment and a way we get together as father and son.  (I will simply no longer encourage him to get out and vote).

So after I read this study, it seems the newest polls in Iowa now makes a lot more sense to me. The latest polls say that Hillary Clinton is leading in the “most likely to be voted for” as President. Of all the people out there running for the oval office, Hillary is “most likely?”   That’s crazy. I say, just look at all the scandal surrounding her.   Benghazi, Fast and Furious, travelgate, whitewater, the Rose Law Firm, and let’s not forget poor old Vince Foster, to name a few. The liberals won’t hear any of it. The latest polls say that they support her. When asked, “do you think that Hillary really cares about you and your everyday problems,”   a total of 83% of the people polled in Iowa said, “yes!” they are certain that Hillary really cares.” These people are liberal and nothing said can change their minds.   Hillary could eat the heart out of a baby and the liberals could still “feel that she cares” about them and their needs and should become the President, while saying, “oh, that baby thing… maybe she was just trying to do CPR or something…”.

So with this new revelation, I now believe that it could be completely impossible to change anyone’s views. The only tact now is to discourage liberals from voting and, at the same time, talk logically to my conservative friends to “please don’t forget to get out there and vote” when the time comes on election day.

Is it the End of the World if the Government shuts Down?


I had a reader tell me that he was rabidly against Ted Cruz because “Senator Cruz demands for -another- government shutdown. I mean, yeah, who cares about the military not getting paid…”

Well, just like the liberals out there talking about all the hype on debt, this reader is getting all worked up. This is what I have to say about debt…

Congress is having late night meetings, Obama and the Democrats want to raise taxes and the debt ceiling while the Republicans want to cut spending, balance the budget, and leave the debt ceiling well enough alone. They all are crying that “the other party” is holding up the works.  Obama went on air with his radio address saying that if we don’t get things going and work through this stalemate soon, the government just might shut down.  I ask, what if the government does shut down? I say, go ahead and let it shut down. What has the government done for me?  What really constructive thing has the government done for anyone lately?  I pay my taxes and get nothing but waste and corruption.  I guess if I were a federal employee and my livelihood depended on a tax dollar sponsored paycheck, well then, I would probably be worrying a lot more right now.  We all know that the government bureaucracy is rife with waste and is in desperate need of thinning.  But,  as a private citizen of this great country, I say “what could possibly happen that is so horrible if the government were to shut down?  What nightmares would a government shutdown cause Americans in general?  Well, witness the horror….

Social Security will continue. The government would continue to make Social Security payments to the 53 million beneficiaries. Healthcare will continue. Medicare, the program for people who are 65 and older would continue to pay doctors and hospitals. The military will continue. The Post offices would maintain their regular hours and mail delivery would continue. The food stamp program will continue.

Passports may be put on hold because you may want to go on a vacation. Most national museums are considered as non-essential would be closed through the shutdown. The national parks will be shut down because the parks are where a lot of Americans vacation.

The only thing that will not continue with this, so called “shut-down” is the stuff that is specifically engineered to piss off the voters. Obama and the Democrats cronies want the voters to put pressure on the Republicans in Congress to pass Obama’s bloated spending bill. If they give in and do this, our country will continue deeper into debt. If this reckless spending is kept up, it will eventually destroy this country.

Members of Congress would also continue working.

Federal courts will remain open, although court officials say the loss of “non-essential” personnel could slow operations. Unfortunately, the grass will grow long at Arlington National Cemetery.

So you see, if it comes to a real government shut down, it won’t be the end of the world, we will continue just like any other day.

The problem is a very simple one. If I find myself spending more money than I make, I go into debt. I can ask my boss for more money, (tax increase) but it probably won’t happen. So I borrow. I go to the bank and ask for some additional money. But as long as I’m spending more than I make, I still go into debt. The bank will eventually give up on loaning me money, as they fear I’ll fail to pay them back, (like the Chinese). My only option would to spend less. I carefully look over my budget and decide what’s important. Rent, food and power takes a higher priority. Video games, cable TV, and eating out have to take a back seat on the budget. This is what the nation must do. But the democrats fear this. They want to continue to borrow 60 cents of every dollar we spend. They have pet projects they desperately want to fund. Projects like Public broadcasting, the endowment for the arts, and planned parenthood can go on the wait list.

The greatest President of all time (Ronald Regan) knew this. He demanded that we NOT spend more than we took in. The Democrats continued trying to work in “add-on riders” to the spending bills in order to keep their pet projects. He caused a government shutdown eight times in his term. The programs that he set up in his term made this country profitable and prosperous through out the next eight years even after he left office.

We need to spend less or shut down the government. I’m ok with that. Because, the liberals don’t realize it, but if we continue to spend so much more than we take in, and borrow so much more from the Chinese, this government will eventually default, and shut down on its own.

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