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Trip to Alaska


Our President took a vacation to Alaska. While there, he renames Mount McKinley to Denali. Just wondering, does anyone know the Alaska Indian Tribes translation for “Denali”?

It means “the high one.”     This is coming from the founding member of ‘The Choom Gang’, known for their exploits with marijuana. This is also coming from the highest office in the nation and the most powerful person in the world… I find it a little ironic.

Also, a similar but unrelated story, Our President gains a huge amount of his political power from those of society who benefit directly from government support. Approximately 52% of the American population are living off of, I mean, receiving a steady paycheck directly from the federal government. The other 48% of America are actually paying into, and supporting this system. Because of this unbalance of revenue, about half of the population of this country is very happy with Obama and, slightly less than half, of the populace is very unhappy.

I just read about a story the other day about Obama’s trip to Alaska. It easily explains my theory of the balance of free stuff vs. tax payer.

While in Alaska, Obama decided to do something good for his entire cast of liberal followers, security detail and advisors. He went to the only pastry shop in town and bought everything they had. When the attendant boxed it all up, Obama paid in cash. The store owner yelled out, “thanks Obama.”   Then the guy next in line moaned out, “thanks Obama.”   That’s the way it is in America. Someone profits at the direct expense of another and it’s perfectly ok.


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