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Fifth Amendment: A matter of survival


I have the highest respect for our brethren the police officer. He is out there working hard for a mere pittance of what he is actually worth. It takes a special kind of person to be a police officer. When I was a kid, the police officer was a person to be looked up as the hero, the role model of citizenry. I still feel that way for the most part. On the other hand, in today’s climate of 2015, public pressure and race relations, he is not your friend.

The modern day police officer is now, what we use to say back home, “between a rock and a hard place.”   We have an ignorant population who want to have a crime free society, and we have a group of liberal judges serving the bench who will turn a criminal free, often times, quicker than the arresting officer can get the arrest paperwork completed. We also have crooked politicians serving as state governors, city mayors and city council members who are actually the bosses of the police. These politicians don’t care about catching, or incarcerating criminals. They are happy to set them free, because housing criminals is very expensive. Their only concern is the constant inflow of revenue. They see the modern officer as an “ATM” that has the ability to impose a random tax on the everyday citizens. They can force the police officer to tax the citizenry and the politician doesn’t have to answer for it. Criminals are running free while the bulk of the officers are working speed traps and vice stings. The only time a politician will “get concerned” about crime is when the public puts pressure on him and actually threatens to throw him out of office.  This is extremely rare, but if it happens, the politicians simply put more pressure on the everyday officer to fix it. Yet as long as the justice system and the prison system is rigged by the politicians, the officer can’t really do anything to stop the crime. If a particularly heinous crime takes place, the police get pressure to apprehend anyone (as quickly as possible) in order to squelch the media pressure on their bosses (the politicians). I am not slandering our fine officers of the law. They have to work according to the rules. It’s the crooked politicians that change the rules.

So with this in mind, I have the survival advice for today.   If you’re an honest upstanding citizen, my advice might very well go against your core feelings. But, no matter what you saw, or what you do, or how they ask, or who’s friend or relative he might be, never, ever talk to a police officer when they are investigating. If you have vital information, you can consider making a call (from a pay phone) to “the anonymous tip line”, but by no means talk directly to any officer of the law. This may sound wrong and down right dishonest, but you can not ever do any good by talking with the police, even if you are an eye witness to a crime.   (1.) The criminal will be released almost immediately upon arrest anyhow. Remember that the politicians say that keeping criminals in jail is expensive. That guy will want vengeance for his hassles and paperwork down at the jail. (2.) Because you have knowledge of the crime, even though you’re totally innocent and are only trying to help, you can be implicated in the crime. It has been proven in the United States Supreme Court that the fifth amendment is to protect you from self incrimination. See for yourself… This is the actual ruling:

Ohio vs. Reiner, 532 U.S. 17 20 (2001) Supreme Court decision, “one of the fifth Amendment’s basic functions is to protect innocent men who otherwise might be wrongly ensnared by ambiguous circumstances. Therefore, truthful responses of an innocent witness may provide the government with incriminating evidence from the speakers own mouth.”

If you say anything, you essentially wave your constitutional rights to self incrimination… even if you’re totally innocent. A jury may convict you based on your own ramblings. Crazy you say. Listen to this law professor tell about it. It may be a little lengthy, but it is well worth the watch, and I promise, without a doubt, it will save your life one day.

James Duane (professor) says to please, for your own good, Dont Talk to Police

And here’s 10 Reasons Not to Talk to the Police .


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