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Is it the End of the World if the Government shuts Down?


I had a reader tell me that he was rabidly against Ted Cruz because “Senator Cruz demands for -another- government shutdown. I mean, yeah, who cares about the military not getting paid…”

Well, just like the liberals out there talking about all the hype on debt, this reader is getting all worked up. This is what I have to say about debt…

Congress is having late night meetings, Obama and the Democrats want to raise taxes and the debt ceiling while the Republicans want to cut spending, balance the budget, and leave the debt ceiling well enough alone. They all are crying that “the other party” is holding up the works.  Obama went on air with his radio address saying that if we don’t get things going and work through this stalemate soon, the government just might shut down.  I ask, what if the government does shut down? I say, go ahead and let it shut down. What has the government done for me?  What really constructive thing has the government done for anyone lately?  I pay my taxes and get nothing but waste and corruption.  I guess if I were a federal employee and my livelihood depended on a tax dollar sponsored paycheck, well then, I would probably be worrying a lot more right now.  We all know that the government bureaucracy is rife with waste and is in desperate need of thinning.  But,  as a private citizen of this great country, I say “what could possibly happen that is so horrible if the government were to shut down?  What nightmares would a government shutdown cause Americans in general?  Well, witness the horror….

Social Security will continue. The government would continue to make Social Security payments to the 53 million beneficiaries. Healthcare will continue. Medicare, the program for people who are 65 and older would continue to pay doctors and hospitals. The military will continue. The Post offices would maintain their regular hours and mail delivery would continue. The food stamp program will continue.

Passports may be put on hold because you may want to go on a vacation. Most national museums are considered as non-essential would be closed through the shutdown. The national parks will be shut down because the parks are where a lot of Americans vacation.

The only thing that will not continue with this, so called “shut-down” is the stuff that is specifically engineered to piss off the voters. Obama and the Democrats cronies want the voters to put pressure on the Republicans in Congress to pass Obama’s bloated spending bill. If they give in and do this, our country will continue deeper into debt. If this reckless spending is kept up, it will eventually destroy this country.

Members of Congress would also continue working.

Federal courts will remain open, although court officials say the loss of “non-essential” personnel could slow operations. Unfortunately, the grass will grow long at Arlington National Cemetery.

So you see, if it comes to a real government shut down, it won’t be the end of the world, we will continue just like any other day.

The problem is a very simple one. If I find myself spending more money than I make, I go into debt. I can ask my boss for more money, (tax increase) but it probably won’t happen. So I borrow. I go to the bank and ask for some additional money. But as long as I’m spending more than I make, I still go into debt. The bank will eventually give up on loaning me money, as they fear I’ll fail to pay them back, (like the Chinese). My only option would to spend less. I carefully look over my budget and decide what’s important. Rent, food and power takes a higher priority. Video games, cable TV, and eating out have to take a back seat on the budget. This is what the nation must do. But the democrats fear this. They want to continue to borrow 60 cents of every dollar we spend. They have pet projects they desperately want to fund. Projects like Public broadcasting, the endowment for the arts, and planned parenthood can go on the wait list.

The greatest President of all time (Ronald Regan) knew this. He demanded that we NOT spend more than we took in. The Democrats continued trying to work in “add-on riders” to the spending bills in order to keep their pet projects. He caused a government shutdown eight times in his term. The programs that he set up in his term made this country profitable and prosperous through out the next eight years even after he left office.

We need to spend less or shut down the government. I’m ok with that. Because, the liberals don’t realize it, but if we continue to spend so much more than we take in, and borrow so much more from the Chinese, this government will eventually default, and shut down on its own.


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