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Why a Huge Portion of the Population will Still Vote for Hillary


As a nurse that works primarily in Neurosurgery, I read a lot of material on neuroscience. I read a medical study the other day that really opened my eyes. It seems that, when it comes to politics or a preferred candidate, it is impossible to change someone’s opinion once they have made up their mind. For years I have been ranting and raving about this guy or that guy, or the Democrat, this or that Republican did that, blah, blah, blah. Apparently I’m totally wasting my breath and energy talking to people. Not only am I wasting my breath, but everything I’ve said is totally not understood. The “psychological understanding” of political leanings come from an entirely different area of the brain, (says this new study).   Similar to the mindset of the “Vulcan” race in the popular show “Star Trek,” Conservatives tend to analyze the data and form a decision based on pure logic. While people of the liberal bent tend to make decisions based purely on “feelings.”   Also, to make matters worse, if your decision is “already decided” then no matter what the other side says, even if it’s true, will not change your mind or deter you from your chosen candidate or idea.   So that said, any election or political decision is not based on converting people to your view, but simply energizing the people that are on your side to get out there and actually cast their vote.

One of my sons is a liberal. I’ve argued with him for years, trying to change his view. It seems now that (according to this study) his view is unchangeable.   So with this new revelation, I will continue to go over to my son’s place, visit and debate political issues. I will no longer attempt to change his view. He’s a liberal and I accept that. I will debate him because I love him and I enjoy our exchange. It’s entertainment and a way we get together as father and son.  (I will simply no longer encourage him to get out and vote).

So after I read this study, it seems the newest polls in Iowa now makes a lot more sense to me. The latest polls say that Hillary Clinton is leading in the “most likely to be voted for” as President. Of all the people out there running for the oval office, Hillary is “most likely?”   That’s crazy. I say, just look at all the scandal surrounding her.   Benghazi, Fast and Furious, travelgate, whitewater, the Rose Law Firm, and let’s not forget poor old Vince Foster, to name a few. The liberals won’t hear any of it. The latest polls say that they support her. When asked, “do you think that Hillary really cares about you and your everyday problems,”   a total of 83% of the people polled in Iowa said, “yes!” they are certain that Hillary really cares.” These people are liberal and nothing said can change their minds.   Hillary could eat the heart out of a baby and the liberals could still “feel that she cares” about them and their needs and should become the President, while saying, “oh, that baby thing… maybe she was just trying to do CPR or something…”.

So with this new revelation, I now believe that it could be completely impossible to change anyone’s views. The only tact now is to discourage liberals from voting and, at the same time, talk logically to my conservative friends to “please don’t forget to get out there and vote” when the time comes on election day.


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