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Humans have made dogs stupid


Dogs are dumber than wolves and domestication is to blame according to an Oregon State University study.

They may be man’s best friend, but dogs have little to thank humans for it seems.

Research suggests the domesticated pets can’t solve problems as well as their wild cousins because living with us has made them ‘incapable of thinking for themselves.’

In tests, experts presented a ‘puzzle box’ containing food to a group of dogs, and a group of wolves and while the wolves were capable of breaking inside, the dogs looked to humans for help.

So let me see if I understand the findings. If you take care of another creature, remove their need to care for themselves, make them dependent on others for their sustenance and survival and eliminate any responsibility for their own lives, they become lazy thinkers and permanently unable to take care of themselves?

Yep, that absolutely, positively sounds right to me.

H/T to R.D. Walker


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