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Everyone knows of the tragic shooting in Roseburg Oregon  where a nut job shot up the place killing nine students.  This was a horrible incident.  I blame the school.  Well, at least partial blame and partial liability.  The school was classified as a “gun free zone.”  Even the security team staffing the school were not allowed any means of protection.  It has been proven time and time again that a group of people guaranteed to be unarmed, will easily become victims.

Obama made great fanfare about coming out to Oregon.  He said that he was horrified at the senseless killing of these students.  He even said that he was rolling out his “new plan to stop gun violence.”

Lets see, there were nine people killed in Roseburg Oregon.  From the time the Oregon tragedy took place until this last Friday,  when Obama actually arrived in Oregon to make a political speech, there were 110 young people killed in Obama’s home town of Chicago.  That is one-hundred and ten lives in two weeks.   Does anyone care?  Does Obama care?   Obama’s home town of Chicago already has the most restrictive gun laws in America.  It is already illegal to own any gun in that town. Why hasn’t Obama lifted a single finger to do anything in Chicago?

I realize that the shooting in Oregon was a real tragedy and I don’t want people to think that I’m trying to minimize it.  It’s just,  that gun control simply doesn’t work… and if Obama is going to do some new “initiative to stop gun violence” he should at least start in his home town where the death toll is ten times that of Oregon and still rising steadily


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