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What me… a terrorist?


A few weeks ago, I made the comment on one of my posts, “if you’re not yet on a watch list, you should be ashamed of yourself.” Well, I was really just kidding. I mean, I was speaking figuratively… not seriously.

Call me paranoid, but I think that I have been actually put on some sort of homeland security watch list (for real!). I’ve had several strange coincidences with the federal government that has been seriously causing me trouble.

First off, I purchased a part for my rifle. This part required the blessing from the BATFE. I paid the required fee and a two-hundred dollar tax, and had the local sheriff sign the papers. I then passed the FBI background check and I mailed the packet of papers off. Because of the typical bureaucracy, I was told that it could take up to three months for the BATF to cash my $200 dollar check and sign the form and return it to me. Although they cashed my check, the official “signing of the form” took over 13 months. And then, it took the efforts of an expensive attorney to send a request to another federal investigatory wing of the government to get action. I eventually got it, but it was painful.

Soon afterward, I got a letter from the IRS. They said that I was under investigation and I owed them $17,000 dollars in back taxes. What? I work by the hour and I have no fancy tax loop-holes or deductions. My taxes are so simple, a high school kid could do them. Never the less, I have a professional CPA to do my taxes, just to be safe. (This one is still pending).

I just got back from my vacation to Alabama to visit my family. On the return trip, I was held up by the TSA. I walked through the scanner and it didn’t ring or anything. I had emptied my pockets of everything and removed my belt. But, as I came through the scanner, the agent waved me to the side. “uh, sir, you have been flagged. I’m going to have to search you,” he said. He told me to hold up my arms and he felt me all over. He then gave my carry on bag to two other agents and they disappeared with it. A few minutes later, they directed me to where my bag contents were being examined. Three agents had it all dumped out on a table and were going through all the contents. I admit it probably looked like a “clock” in my bag. I had several replacement batteries, my cell phone, my wallet, my ear buds, a back-up set of headphones, and my charging cables for my nook book and my cell phone. I also had some snacks, because the cheap-o airline doesn’t serve anything. They all looked disappointed as my personal TSA agent waved me over to re-pack the stuff into my carry-on bag. He said in a low mumble, “you may go now, Mr. Taylor”

Call me paranoid, but these three occurrences are some serious coincidences, or am I on the governmental hate list.


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One thought on “What me… a terrorist?

  1. 1wanderingtruthseeker on said:

    You know you are. All of us that love our freedoms and our God given rights are on that list with you. Be proud. But that easy for me to say. I’m not standing in your shoes. Good luck.

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