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Shotgun Reloading


I’ve done a lot of reloading in my time.  It’s usually limited to  long range rifle because I think that my measurements are better than factory.  And thus my shooting is usually a little better than the guy who simply uses factory ammo.   When you get way out there past 600 yards,  the littlest thing can screw with your accuracy.  I don’t know, it may be just practice, OCD,  or superstition, but that’s what works with me.   I’ve never really tried shotgun reloading because the rounds are not too expensive and word precision is not a key in anything you do with a shotgun.  But many years ago, I got a MEC Jr. reloader in a yard sale.  It was included in a huge box with some rifle dies and a bunch of Barnes .30 cal bullets, an RCBS powder measure and some other cool stuff.  Anyway,  I put the machine back in the box and dumped it into the basement.

Fast forward to present,  the wife says, “you need to clean out some of this junk down here… some of it hasn’t been used in years…”

I  racked my brain to repurpose some of the old stuff.  I mean, you can never know when you might need reloading stuff or survival gear.   The zombie attack,  terrorists,  economic collapse, or even the Pock-e-lips.  You may never know.  I’m thinking three hours after the trash man drives off is precisely when you will desperately need that special survival thingy… life or death….”ARRRGGGGHH, NOOOO!”

So to prevent the wife from calling the “Got Junk” man, I start reloading some shotgun shells.   I was beginning with very low expectations, but I was amazingly surprised.  This is actually great.

Because of the natural tendency to NOT be a precision instrument,  the shotgun is amazingly forgiving.  I’ve found that you can load practically anything in a shotgun shell… and I mean anything!

I’ve experimented with ball berings, I’ve made door breaching loads with play-doh.  I’ve made different types of slugs with different types of fins and stabilization ideas.  It’s crazy fun and has opened up a whole new level of experimentation.  I’m now working on something based on what Joe Biden once said about the shotgun being the best for home defense.  I’m trying to find something that is crazy lethal to intruders, yet won’t go through two layers of sheetrock  and travel on to unintended victims like a family member or neighbor.  So far,  the little 20gr flechette is best.  They penetrate into anything, yet they distort and curve away in crazy directions once they enter.  I’ll send more pics of what’s best, incase any of you want to try it.


Who Is We?


I have had enough of hearing Obama say  “This is not who we are as a nation.”   He says this in practically every speech he gives and I still don’t get who the hell he is talking about.

*  Letting perverts into a girls locker rooms and bathrooms is not who I am.

*  Bringing in Muslim refugees from around the globe without knowing who they are is not who I am.

*  Letting illegal immigrants in by the millions across the southern border is not who I am. *  Providing free healthcare for people with no ambition while fleecing the people who do work to subsidize them is not who I am.

*  Letting  mentally ill people into positions of power in the Pentagon is not who I am.

*  Allowing alphabet agencies destroy business’s across the country in the name of climate change is not who I am.

*  Having the Vice President claim the American peoples support for Turkeys’ Erdogan is not who I am.

*  Giving a terrorist-run country billions of dollars and nuclear capability is not who I am. *  Allowing a radical black activist cult to repeatedly enter into the White House is not who I am.

*  Releasing terrorists back into the battlefield to kill more Americans is not who I am.

*  Putting the country into debt more than every previous President combined is not who I am.

*  Allowing militant minority groups to sue a business because of their wacko beliefs is not who I am.

I am a hard working, hard partying, father of three that believes in less government, secure borders, and a moral code of conduct for a society that has devolved into chaos. I am God fearing man who thinks that welfare should have a sunset time frame, illegals are not allowed access to tax payer benefits, each state should be allowed to regulate themselves, gay people can be gay but not militant, minorities should be held to the same standards as everyone else and given no preferential treatment. Illegal immigrant criminals held in our jails and prisons should be returned to their homelands, and a very large wall should be constructed on our southern border.

That is who I am.  Not everyone believes the way I do which is fine, I have never claimed that what I believe is what we are as a nation, that would be foolish.

So before you talk for me and my fellow Americans remember at least half of us are nothing like you.  A majority of Americans were not part of  the “Choom Gang,” and we are not closet Muslims.  We did not get special access to college, did not start a grievance business as a community organizer, did not gain affirmative action access to the senate, and did not become POTUS due to the color of their skin (instead of character). So before you say “It’s not who we are” remember we are nothing like you and never will be….so shut the hell up about “Who We Are” because you have no idea.

Anyone Keeping up in Venezuela?


Hey, anyone keeping up with what’s going on in Venezuela?   I know that the Pravda,  or whatever it is we now call our American news outlets, but it seems that every day things happen and they cover it up… unless it seems to be an advantage to the current political agenda.  Well anyway,  Venezuela was a nice place a few years ago.  It was an American vacation getaway with time share condos and luxury hotels, nice beaches and find dining.  They even had more oil reserves than any other country on the continent. Socialists took over,  implemented their policy and now the whole country is  in poverty.  The Venezuela currency is now totally worthless on the world market.  Citizens are starving.  People are killing each other over food.  What is the government doing about the starvation and anarchy?   Could they possibly be helping out small businesses,  implementing programs to boost the economy and stabilize the currency?   Nope.  They are concentrating all their efforts on control.  They are implementing a gun confiscation plan,  and a registration of any other weapons.  This can’t get better. There will be a slide to  total anarchy and many innocents will die in the process.

Do I care about Venezuela?  Not really.  The problem I have is that those same socialists are taking over in this country.  With the same crazy policies and same schemes they will ruin this country just like Venezuela.  The American citizens say that I’m crazy. I’m a paranoid.  That I’m wrong.  I say that history is riddled with good stable countries, who’s citizens are well educated, witness the ruin of their own country.  What happened in Germany 1938 when the population freely elected a man we all know as Hitler as the head of the Socialist party?  Yes, our own country is on the edge of ruin and we are all happy as clams.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m getting ready for serious hard times.



Why do we need stuff?


We’ve all heard the arguments:

Why does anyone need a gun? … Five guns?   Fifty guns? Scary looking black guns?

And we usually answer: “What’s need got to do with it?”

I want to go even further.

Why does anyone need to mountain climb?  Rock climb?  Sky dive?  Scuba dive?

No one needs to watch television or go to the movie theater. In fact, health professionals keep telling us to get off our butts and get some exercise.

We don’t need pizza, donuts, ice cream, or Kobe beef. Maybe Congress should shut down all the restaurants and mandate everyone eats a specified diet of vegetables and grilled chicken.

We don’t need  large houses or even large apartments. We don’t need fast cars or big trucks.

As a country experiencing serious economic troubles, with trillions of dollars in  debt and over a trillion dollars in deficit spending for the foreseeable future.   We certainly don’t need to borrow more money to fund art, music, sports and other luxuries.

If history is any guide, we don’t need  Freedom.

But then, the gun-banners already know that.

Hump Day Humor


It’s Wednesday.  You know what that means… It’s “hump day humor” and here’s my new joke.  (I’ve been saving them up for a while).

One day a fourth-grade teacher asked the children in her class what their mothers did for a living.

All the typical answers came up – teacher, nurse, businesswoman, saleswoman, doctor, lawyer, and so forth.

However, little Johnny was being uncharacteristically quiet, So when the teacher gently prodded him about his mother, He replied, “Well my mother’s an exotic dancer in a club and takes off all her clothes in front of men, and they put money in her underwear. Sometimes, if the offer is really good, she will go home with some guy and stay with him all night for money.”

The teacher, obviously shaken by this bold statement, hurriedly set the other children to work on some exercises and then took little Johnny aside to quietly ask him, “Is that really true about your mother, dear?”

Nope,“ the boy said, “She works for the Democratic National Committee and is helping to get Hillary Clinton to be our next President, but I was too embarrassed to say that In front of the other kids.”

Fight like you mean it!

Always fight,  if necessary, to the death,

Here’s a great story about a woman protecting her family.


A man and wife fought an intruder to protect their home and young child.  They fought like they should fight.  Violently, without pause and with all means at their disposal.  The husband fought with the intruder while the wife retrieved a knife and stabbed the intruder to help her husband.  That takes a lot of mental strength.

A firearms instructor once told me to: “Fight, fight, continue to fight.  If you die, you make sure the attacker dies first so they will be your servant in Valhalla.”  That is a smart plan.

Would they have been better off with a firearm?  Of course.  But that didn’t stop them from fighting for all they were worth.

Lessons:  keep the door locked, even when you’re home.  Be paranoid when opening your door to unknown people.

Oh yeah, and always fight.


Donald Trump: Good Enough


No. He’s not the candidate that many real Americans want. I didn’t want him either. But now that he IS the Republican candidate, I’m coming out to endorse him. Screw it. We will never find the perfect candidate. Grover Cleveland and Calvin Coolidge are dead. Reagan is dead. Scoop Jackson is dead. Hillary or  Trump is all we have right now. You have a choice: Trump, Hillary, or quit and see this country go off the deep end.  I’m choosing Trump. I will vote for him only because he isn’t Hillary.  I used to cringe when the liberals defended their vote for Kerry or Algore with the phrase, “Because he isn’t Bush!”. Well, I’m voting for Trump because he isn’t Hillary, (cringe).

Maybe in today’s time, I’m “old fashioned.”  Just maybe my kind is just out of place anymore.  I say, what’s good enough for you is good enough for me. Trump is a very long way from what I wanted but…  he’s good enough for me… and a far cry better than Hillary.

I’m back… for now


Well,   I know that this is probably a stupid idea, but here goes… I’m starting a private group where we can talk about the stupid stuff that’s going on in this country.
What the heck… I’m already on the watch list and there isn’t much you can do about it. So here goes.

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