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Donald Trump: Good Enough


No. He’s not the candidate that many real Americans want. I didn’t want him either. But now that he IS the Republican candidate, I’m coming out to endorse him. Screw it. We will never find the perfect candidate. Grover Cleveland and Calvin Coolidge are dead. Reagan is dead. Scoop Jackson is dead. Hillary or  Trump is all we have right now. You have a choice: Trump, Hillary, or quit and see this country go off the deep end.  I’m choosing Trump. I will vote for him only because he isn’t Hillary.  I used to cringe when the liberals defended their vote for Kerry or Algore with the phrase, “Because he isn’t Bush!”. Well, I’m voting for Trump because he isn’t Hillary, (cringe).

Maybe in today’s time, I’m “old fashioned.”  Just maybe my kind is just out of place anymore.  I say, what’s good enough for you is good enough for me. Trump is a very long way from what I wanted but…  he’s good enough for me… and a far cry better than Hillary.


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2 thoughts on “Donald Trump: Good Enough

  1. 1wanderingtruthseeker on said:

    I’ve been for Trump since day one. I didn’t know much about Trump other than he was one the richest people around, had a T.V. show I didn’t watch and had been married to Marla Maples, Tiffany’s mother and he had 3 older children. He I first heard him speech about why he was running for President, I was for him. I watch videos of his campaine and I like what he says. Yes, it’s not going to easy or nice to take our country back and our jobs back but it must be done or America is gone down the tubes. Put paychecks in our pockets, take care of our vets. Trump will streamline and make us strong in world politics. Stop sending money to people that hate us and stop funding other countries with our military for no pay. Cut out the fat of government and believe me, there’s a lot of fat.

  2. Greg on said:

    Agreed, One of the two will be our next president. To me it’s all about the SCOTUS, nough said

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