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Anyone Keeping up in Venezuela?


Hey, anyone keeping up with what’s going on in Venezuela?   I know that the Pravda,  or whatever it is we now call our American news outlets, but it seems that every day things happen and they cover it up… unless it seems to be an advantage to the current political agenda.  Well anyway,  Venezuela was a nice place a few years ago.  It was an American vacation getaway with time share condos and luxury hotels, nice beaches and find dining.  They even had more oil reserves than any other country on the continent. Socialists took over,  implemented their policy and now the whole country is  in poverty.  The Venezuela currency is now totally worthless on the world market.  Citizens are starving.  People are killing each other over food.  What is the government doing about the starvation and anarchy?   Could they possibly be helping out small businesses,  implementing programs to boost the economy and stabilize the currency?   Nope.  They are concentrating all their efforts on control.  They are implementing a gun confiscation plan,  and a registration of any other weapons.  This can’t get better. There will be a slide to  total anarchy and many innocents will die in the process.

Do I care about Venezuela?  Not really.  The problem I have is that those same socialists are taking over in this country.  With the same crazy policies and same schemes they will ruin this country just like Venezuela.  The American citizens say that I’m crazy. I’m a paranoid.  That I’m wrong.  I say that history is riddled with good stable countries, who’s citizens are well educated, witness the ruin of their own country.  What happened in Germany 1938 when the population freely elected a man we all know as Hitler as the head of the Socialist party?  Yes, our own country is on the edge of ruin and we are all happy as clams.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m getting ready for serious hard times.




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