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Who Is We?


I have had enough of hearing Obama say  “This is not who we are as a nation.”   He says this in practically every speech he gives and I still don’t get who the hell he is talking about.

*  Letting perverts into a girls locker rooms and bathrooms is not who I am.

*  Bringing in Muslim refugees from around the globe without knowing who they are is not who I am.

*  Letting illegal immigrants in by the millions across the southern border is not who I am. *  Providing free healthcare for people with no ambition while fleecing the people who do work to subsidize them is not who I am.

*  Letting  mentally ill people into positions of power in the Pentagon is not who I am.

*  Allowing alphabet agencies destroy business’s across the country in the name of climate change is not who I am.

*  Having the Vice President claim the American peoples support for Turkeys’ Erdogan is not who I am.

*  Giving a terrorist-run country billions of dollars and nuclear capability is not who I am. *  Allowing a radical black activist cult to repeatedly enter into the White House is not who I am.

*  Releasing terrorists back into the battlefield to kill more Americans is not who I am.

*  Putting the country into debt more than every previous President combined is not who I am.

*  Allowing militant minority groups to sue a business because of their wacko beliefs is not who I am.

I am a hard working, hard partying, father of three that believes in less government, secure borders, and a moral code of conduct for a society that has devolved into chaos. I am God fearing man who thinks that welfare should have a sunset time frame, illegals are not allowed access to tax payer benefits, each state should be allowed to regulate themselves, gay people can be gay but not militant, minorities should be held to the same standards as everyone else and given no preferential treatment. Illegal immigrant criminals held in our jails and prisons should be returned to their homelands, and a very large wall should be constructed on our southern border.

That is who I am.  Not everyone believes the way I do which is fine, I have never claimed that what I believe is what we are as a nation, that would be foolish.

So before you talk for me and my fellow Americans remember at least half of us are nothing like you.  A majority of Americans were not part of  the “Choom Gang,” and we are not closet Muslims.  We did not get special access to college, did not start a grievance business as a community organizer, did not gain affirmative action access to the senate, and did not become POTUS due to the color of their skin (instead of character). So before you say “It’s not who we are” remember we are nothing like you and never will be….so shut the hell up about “Who We Are” because you have no idea.


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