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Call It Like It Is


Today Donald Trump appointed Ben Carson to the position of Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.  Immediately after this appointment,  Nancy Pelosi made a statement.  She said  “Dr. Ben Carson is an incompetent.  He is disconcerting and disturbingly unqualified choice to lead a department as complex as this.  What experience does he have?”

Neurosurgeon,  Ben Carson is a brilliant man.  I find this quiet funny that our current President was only a “community organizer” prior to his dropping into public office.   Strangely enough, anytime anyone, (including myself) makes a statement about Obama’s competency, or the current state of this country under his guidance, is immediately scorned as a racist.  “You are critical of our great President because he is black!” they say.  I say, “no, I’m criticizing him because he’s an incompetent Marxist boob.  It has nothing to do with his color at all.”  But that all falls on deaf ears at this point.

I have only one question about all of this,  Why is it only the  left can enjoy actual “freedom of speech,” while all of us conservatives are still bound by the laws of political correctness?    The liberals can say anything they wish.  It was this way for Condoleezza Rice, Allen West and then again for Herman Cain.  But we can’t say anything critical about Obama, or anyone of color without being a “racist.”   Why hasn’t anyone called out Nancy Pelosi?  Why hasn’t anyone called Nancy a racist?


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