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The Crusades


I work in the inner part of Portland Oregon.  It is the center hub of liberalism in the Northwestern part of the United States.  Only San Francisco is worse.  I think I’m the only token conservative here.  I accidentally got myself into a discussion today about terrorism.  This other person claimed that the terrorism has escalated because of the “racist rhetoric spouted by the Alt Right and Donald Trump.”   I couldn’t stay mute on this one.  I said,  “If you witnessed someone saying a prayer before they eat at a dinner, or if they called you a name, would you kill them?   Of course not.”  We as Christian Americans simply want to “turn the other cheek” and be left alone to practice our faith. They believe, on the other hand,  that anyone that is not of their faith must die.   The liberals gloss over this and skip right to “not all terrorists are Muslims”  argument.  Ever notice that the terrorist events in the last fifty years,  with the exception of  the death  toll by the black on black crime in the inner cities, the rioting of Black Lives Matter, and the bombing of Timothy McVeigh, practically all terrorist events were perpetrated by radical Muslims.  There are literally hundreds.  Every time anyone from the left tries to defend the Muslims,  They say that “they were provoked.”  That’s like saying that a woman was raped because she was wearing a sexy  dress.  No, she was raped because the guy was a filthy rapist.  Then they go start talking about “the Christians were evil too…  what about the crusades?”   I will have to admit that the Christians killed a few Muslims in this period.  But I’d also like to say that the revisionists have purposely left out that the Muslims were in the process of an invasion when they were killed.  The Muslims invaded the Christian held lands.  (see the map) They flooded into Germany, England, and the Northern parts of Europe The Muslims had the option of moving back to their own countries, but they refused.  They wanted to stay in the new land and they also wanted to kill  anyone that was not of their faith. Sound familiar?  I believe that Europe is repeating history just a little… only  this time, because of the entrenched liberal government, the  end will be very different.


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