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Why They Lost


I still laugh at some of my liberal friends.  They blame anything and everything for the DNC loss and the Republican win this election except for the actual real reason.  The unrelenting corruption of the Democratic party.  I think that America has seen the way the country was headed.  Obama has worked to send this country toward the path of Socialism.  With that, most Americans see Venezuela as the shining example of the things to come.  Corruption and unbridled spending by liberal politicians leads down a one way path to destruction.  Yes, I agree that Venezuela was once a great place and a tourist destination.  But what happened?  Corruption and run away spending?   Just like America?  Americans were seeing the light and working to make a change.  “Hope and Change,  Redoux.”

Unfortunately, for my liberal friends, they can’t see the error of their ways.  They blame everything from Fox, news, James Comey,  fake news stories, to the Russians for their failure.

I say, it was simply the corruption.  Hillary was corrupt to the core.  Also, by default, the Democrats thought that it was perfectly OK to use corruption to get to the White House.  Apparently not.  I’ve told my liberal friends, “if the DNC wasn’t so stinking corrupt, we would have a Socialist Democrat in the White House right now instead of Trump.  They used corruption to cheat and win against Bernie Sanders.  He was a much stronger candidate and would have easily won over Trump.

So, when it comes to electing conservative values into office, I say, thank goodness for crooked politicians.


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