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Prayer for Trump



We all know that Donald Trump is no angel.  Although he might be a little better than Hillary, he is still a deeply flawed person.  Unfortunately for all of us.  I mean, unfortunately for the entire planet,  Donald Trump is now holding the most powerful political position on Earth.  He is our new President!

With this, we need to do whatever we can to help him.  I know I could write a letter,  send him an e-mail.  I could even give him a “tweet.”  But in reality, nothing I do, or could ever do would change things, or the outcome of what Donald Trump might do while in the White House.  I am leaving it in the hands of the  one who is “all powerful,”… God.  I think it’s his responsibility now.  So,  I’m asking everyone to pray for our President.  Give him a prayer once in a while  (daily) to help Donald to be a better person.

I have made a list of a few things that I think he could improve upon.


That he may be trustworthy

That he will listen to wise counsel

That he may promote peace

That he may heal the divide in this country

That he may read scripture and gain insight

That he may repent and live a moral life

That he may be humble


For my fellow Christians,  Give this one a try…


Lord in Heaven, I ask you to give our new President guidance.  Help him to be a good example and to make wise decisions.  I pray that you would build his character, and help him keep his promises. May he truly be a man of integrity and stand up for what is right in our nation.

Give him the words to speak and the actions to show that he is not a racist and that he will respect the rights of all Americans. Soften the hearts of his accusers, that they may not see him as deplorable, but as an American.

Lord, I pray for prudence and diplomatic grace for Donald Trump. May his actions as President foster peace and not war. You are a God of peace and I pray that Mr. Trump may further that peace throughout the world.

Lord, I thank you that Donald Trump has chosen good advisors, and I pray that you give him the ears to hear their counsel. Give him a discerning heart, to know true from false and good from evil. May he heed good counsel and reject bad advice, for the good of our country and the glory of Your Name.

Lord, I pray that You might inspire Donald Trump to read the Bible and to meditate on it. May he glorify You by learning Your Word. May it enlighten his eyes and guide him in all that he does.

Lord, I acknowledge and repent of my own sins, which are heinous in your sight.  Lord, I thank you for your forgiveness,  and pray that you may convince Donald Trump and that he too might repent.  May You grant him the wisdom to see himself as he is, a sinful man dependent on Your grace. Give him a knowledge of his own limits, coupled with a wisdom and courage to do the most good within those limits. I pray that the awesome power of the presidency might humble his spirit and bring him closer to a knowledge and reliance on Your power, grace, and love. Amen




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