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Stupid Is As Stupid Does…


Donald Trump is now our new President.  The swearing ceremony went off without a hitch.  Now the real festivities begin (by the liberal idiots)

The I find it both ironic and hilarious that the nut jobs here in Portland “go to the streets” and protest. They riot, destroy and create havoc in the downtown area. Just by coincidence, the people who work and live in the downtown metro area are 100% deep blue Democrats and certainly Hillary supporters. They are causing damage and extreme expense to the very people that were financial supporters of Hillary and Obama. If they really wanted to “take it to the streets” in order to “get back at Trump” and his supporters, they should get a bus and head to Idaho, Montana, Oklahoma, or any other Red (Trump) state. Destroying your own bed that you have to sleep in, just because you’re a childish turd, is stupid… but who am I to complain


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