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Dog Germs

First off, I will apologize because with my new format, I don’t seem to be able to write as much.  This is a work in progress.  The topics don’t seem to come to me as naturally as watching the news and then nearly letting my temporal blood vessel explode.  I don’t watch nearly as much news now.  The natural things that I deal with in my job as a nurse and such doesn’t  seem to come to the top of the list as easily.

But, enough of that blather on why I’m not performing my duty as a blogger…  The other day, I was sitting on my front porch watching people go by, in my “old curmudgeon” fashion, and my next door neighbor went by walking her dog.  Like any Portland liberal, she thinks of her dog as “her child.”  Once she stopped, the big, poorly behaved, golden lab turned and pulled hard on the leash to come up on my porch.  I frowned and growled and she pulled the dog back.  She said her hello, and knelt down in the middle of my yard and began to give her dog some “loving” as she petted him all over. The dog was happy to get the attention and proceeded to give her a bunch of “kisses” all over her face.

“He’s really a sweet dog,”  she said.

I responded with,  “you know that dog’s mouth is filthy.”

She looked confused,  “you know, a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s mouth” she said with a smirk…

Well, the conversation went on from there, and I didn’t seem to win over a new friend.  I think it ended with, “Well, I am a nurse after all… and your dog still eats turds”

I reflected on this conversation and tried to think where this crazy notion came from.  My sister is a veterinarian and she would tell you the same.  Dog owners swear that “a dog’s mouth is clean,” and I’ve even heard,  “their saliva is much cleaner, and if you have a cut or anything, if they lick it, it helps heal the cut faster.”  Are you kidding me?  Think about where dogs put their mouths.  They eat garbage, and lick their privates and of other dogs too.  All you have to do is look, or watch and you can realize that this is not at all true.

Maybe some believe that a dogs mouths are cleaner because most of the bacteria teaming in a dog’s mouth is species-specific.  That is, a regular staph or strep bacteria that grows naturally in a dogs mouth is not necessarily transmissible to a human.

Another reason is the owners notice that after a dog licks a wound, the wound seems to heal fast.  But that’s because the dog’s tongue gets rid of the dead tissue.  It’s much like when a surgeon debrides a wound to get down to the healthy tissue.  The licking action also stimulates circulation and brushes away dead cells.  A wash and scrub with an antiseptic and a gauze does the same.

Your dog’s mouth is still filthy.


Format change

Blog restart 2.0

My blog has been shut down for quite some time now.  I have received many emails from concerned people asking if I was dead, in prison, sick, a host of crazy ideas.  Most of my followers have left.  I was attacked by,  well, I don’t know for sure. I got harassing letters, and I was tormented by the IRS, the ATF, and was put on the “always do the special treatment list” by the TSA.  It has been a calendar year and I’ve gotten a “non-audited” tax return. I have since traveled to Alabama by air and was treated just like any other “normal” passenger traveling by air.  It has been over a year since I’ve had to talk with anyone from the BATFE.  And now that Trump is in, Obama is out.  The crazy liberal bureaucrats in the government who have condoned conservative harassment in the first place are on their way out too.  With all of this to consider, I think it just might be safe for me to start my blog back up again.

I plan to attempt a slightly different format this time.  Previously, I have discussed politics pretty frequently.  For  this, I have made my apologies.  It seems that sometimes, things just happen in our American  government that makes my  head want to explode… and I feel compelled to talk about it.  Now I am going to attempt to talk  a little less about politics.  I know what you are thinking… “you’ve said this before.”   But now, it’s a little different.  I  have become more involved in my  church and I  want to really focus on my walk with Jesus.  And to start things off…

2 Timothy 2:4, You need not concern yourself with worldly matters but on the spiritual.  or Colossians 3:2,  Set your affection on things above, not on the affairs here on earth.  So, I think I have devoting way too much time to the politics and petty squabbles in our government.  I may still slip up and post something, especially if it’s one of those things that is so outlandish that it nearly makes my head explode.

Instead, as a slight change, I will try to post stuff on my religious discoveries as I study the Bible and grow in my faith.  I will also continue to post fun stuff and jokes, nursing stories and things about my work as a nurse.  I will also try to post helpful stuff about healthcare and how you can stay healthy.  As a bonus, and because I still love to reload ammo, go to the range, and compete in shooting events, I will post stuff relating to sports, hunting, fishing, and shooting.  Maybe I’ll post a few pics of cool stuff that I build in my workshop on occasion.

So, if you were one of the millions of followers that I once had in the past, I apologize for the change.  If you are new to visit, then welcome.

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