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Trump visits the Pope

Hey,  has anyone been  keeping up with President  Trump’s travels lately?  He went to Saudi Arabia, Israel, and then to Vatican City to see the Pope.  While at Vatican City, the Pope presented Trump with his book on his views how to combat human-driven climate change.

Now, the news has reported this as perfectly normal.  As a matter of fact, it was mentioned in the initial story and was dropped.  I don’t know about all of you, but am I the only one that this bothers.  It disturbs me and, after a few days of stewing, I had to write something.

If I were the leader of the largest Christian group on the planet and I was meeting personally with the President of the United States… what would I talk about?

First, I will start by saying that I am not the Pope.  But if I were actually meeting the President,  I would talk about something different.  I don’t know for certain, but I’m pretty sure that  President  Trump is not a believing Christian.  I  think  I would probably broach  this topic.  I feel that if I could get President Trump to accept Jesus as his savior, and to actually follow the teachings of Jesus Christ in his actions while as President, the policies and direction of the United States would change radically for the better.  I think that the whole world would be a better place.  I also think that the Pope missed a golden opportunity.

I realize that the Pope is not just any old preacher.  But I’m certain that any Sunday morning preacher would, at the first chance,  jump at the opportunity to inject their faith view, as well as, the Holy Scripture into their conversation in an effort to convert the President.

So what does the  Pope talk about… “global warming?”   I will say that I’m very disappointed.  Up until this meeting, I was actually supportive of the Pope.   No offense to any of  my Catholic  friends out there, but the  Pope is way off target.  This is clearly the  work  of Satan.  For  example, whenever an atheist argues against religion, he always brings up  “The  Inquisition period” of the  Catholic  church.  I say,  yes, the  Inquisition was horrible.  But you  don’t condemn all the peaceful Muslims for a few terrorists.  So why condemn  all the loving Christians  for  a few horrible individuals?  How could Christians torture and kill innocent people.  I  agree that this was evil and they were after the wealth.   Just like back then, there are still good Christian people out there within the Catholic Church, and the Pope is still doing evil things and  he is still chasing after the wealth that is within the global warming movement.

I read the Bible and I assume that the Pope does the same.  I can’t find a single reference to “global warming” anywhere in the Bible.  The Pope’s job is the spiritual leader of the largest Christian group on the planet.  His one job is to see to the overall spiritual health of the people.  He helps everyone find salvation through Jesus Christ.  He may also help people to understand  the teachings of Jesus, such as peace and love, which may go a long way in decreasing war, death and destruction.


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