A Nurse With Attitude

Where Dark Cynical Humor, Nursing Issues, and Politics Seem to Merge

my Bio

I am a Registered Nurse who works the night shift in the Operating Room of a large inner city hospital and regional trauma center. I’ve been a nurse for a pretty good while. I graduated nursing school in 1986… so you do the math. I’ve done ER, ICU, PACU, Industrial nursing, long term care, and oncology nursing, radiation therapy.  I’ve done practically everything. I’ve even done a little nursing management.     I am occasionally irritable with the current situation in my work place, my state and in this country.  Mostly because I feel like I’m constantly surrounded by liberals.  I am not against liberals in general.  It’s just that I am a Libertarian and liberals feel that they have a mission to voice their opinions (over everyone else) loud and clear. I have to bite my tongue for fear of being called bias, racist, shauvinist, hateful or any number of names liberals use to perpetuate their double standard of influence.  Anyhow, I enjoy discussing current events, local events, politics and healthcare.  Pretty much anything from litter pickup to our failure of a President is fair game.      I’m a runner, biker, hiker, photographer, and sportsman.  I have been an avid shooter for almost 40 years and I am proud firearm owner.  I was once a gun dealer and I still maintain a modest collection. I strongly supports the 2nd Amendment, and I carry my weapon almost every day. I am married with three grown children, and two elderly cats.


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